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  1. Crowbait

    2018 youth deer camp in 34A

    Is there a demand for help? Do we have Adults to help take the kids out?
  2. Crowbait

    CWT Feuds

    When not on my meds Crowbait vs Crowbait
  3. Crowbait

    Quail Hunt

    I passed on the weekend. Still a litter hotter than I would like with a Dog. Looks like better temps coming. Good to hear the birds are plentiful. Is this all Central AZ or has anyone been south in Tucson area? I'll probably get out this Sat or Sun. Prickly pear fruit harvest, quail, maybe even some deer as well. Lot's going on.
  4. Crowbait

    2017 DOVE!!!

    I want in on this action. I'm down in Vail.
  5. Crowbait

    2017 DOVE!!!

    How are you able to tell the Eurasian Dove's from others in flight? I missing out on this.
  6. Crowbait

    Benson area

    Way ahead of you. Thanks bud. Hopefully I'll have something to post
  7. Anyone down around the Benson area that can point me in a direction to scout for birds to shoot. I am looking more for a water hole so my wife and kid can shoot while I work dog. Man the grill. General areas are good. If you have more specifics that is great but I'm cool with taking it from the general area and doing the work. New to this area
  8. Crowbait

    2017 Draw Results

    Late DEC 34A. Fantastic
  9. Crowbait

    Spainish Chorizo

    Had Spanish Chorizo and fresh peaches on a pizza and it was absolutely fantastic.
  10. Crowbait

    Unit 33

    Home work is the key. My hunting party never kills anything big because my hunting partner is fat and doesn't believe in science.
  11. Crowbait

    36c javelina

    Yeah, what he said.
  12. Crowbait

    Unit 32 access issues?

    road hunt I10
  13. Crowbait

    Early Archery Bull

    Heading up this weekend, setting up camp so next week will be a nice smooth drive. Might even try to dove hunt some. LOL
  14. Crowbait

    Zeiss Conquest 15x56 HD ***SOLD***

    1250 firm, then price drop to 1350. just a heads up