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  1. buffhunter

    Savage 6.5 PRC

    dang, Just bought one. Why r u selling?
  2. buffhunter

    Draw Results Posted?

    Awesome!!!! My daughter drew the same tag. Can't wait!!!
  3. buffhunter

    Water Pressure Tank and Pump

    I run a flo tech 1hp shallow well pump with a flo tech I think 80 gallon pressure tank. I run it at 60/40
  4. buffhunter

    New Mexico Landowner Tags? -WANTED-Antelope

    I would just start calling all the guides over there in NM,. You might just be able to purchase the land owner tag plus their fee. I'm sure you could find some and I would venture to say you will be looking at $1500-$2500 plus your tag for a DIY.
  5. buffhunter


    PM sent
  6. buffhunter

    WTB kowa 664 bracket

    PM sent
  7. buffhunter


    Awesome man congrats!!!!! She is super lucky 4 in 4 years between here and NM
  8. buffhunter


    Yep my daughter nabbed another bull tag
  9. buffhunter

    Tick Tock

    Just saw this on FB so it must be true
  10. buffhunter

    Tick Tock

    For what it's worth, my portal now shows my elk application, before it only had my antelope application on there.
  11. Yep what the title says.
  12. buffhunter

    Tick Tock

    Yes most definitely. But If I remember right... there is a legal issue in the state to charge a card without rendering services. Or something like that
  13. buffhunter

    Tick Tock

    I know it's been updated 3 days in a row because I keep checking my portal for shits and grins and has said bonus points updated as of March 1st then yesterday said March 2nd and today it says March 3rd. Who knows it could just change the day every new day as well and I'm just seeing this now....
  14. buffhunter

    Tick Tock

    They have updated my bonus points 3 days in a row now, but it still doesn't show my elk app that was put in on the last day, but shows my pronghorn app that was put in a week before. So I would say Friday at the earliest. But then I would think the Friday after because I bet they do another card update deadline.
  15. buffhunter

    Tick Tock

    And then there is always this guy....lol