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  1. buffhunter

    Tessa’s bull

    Awesome!!!! Congratulations
  2. buffhunter

    Merriam's elk in New Mexico

    I take it its the shed horns you're holding in your avi.... holy ish talk about some mass
  3. buffhunter

    Leaving for Tessa"s elk hunt tomrrow

    Best of luck!!!!
  4. buffhunter

    2 tags 5BS early archery 🔥🔥

    Congratulations on the tags and good luck on the hunt. I will be up there helping my dad on the same hunt.
  5. buffhunter

    Elk scents

    I hate using sent. Then I never know if I'm smelling elk or the sent I have on....
  6. buffhunter

    A Bull Elk...in Roll, Az?

    The biologist on the YPG has been sending me those pics.... Crazy....
  7. buffhunter

    i am in for bighorn

    They beat the 186 already??? Wow how big was it? I see you were talking Rocky now and not desert
  8. So amazing!!!! This makes me so happy!!!! Congratulations!!!!
  9. buffhunter

    5B South

    Hahaha the good ole 82!!! I think I still piss blood from my last hunt in there 10 years ago....lol
  10. buffhunter

    Elk spotted near Punkin Center

    Me too... Crazy stuff out there...
  11. buffhunter

    Nightforce BEAST 5-25x56 MOAR

  12. buffhunter

    Anyone draw nm unit 23 ?

    My daughter drew a 23 juniors (AE) bull tag Oct 10th if you guys find any giant bulls hanging out in coues country and want to share some info?!?!?!
  13. buffhunter

    Nightforce BEAST 5-25x56 MOAR

    Back up how about $2800!!!
  14. buffhunter

    Nightforce BEAST 5-25x56 MOAR

  15. buffhunter

    Nightforce BEAST 5-25x56 MOAR

    Alright $2,900... Let's get this sold