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  1. buffhunter

    43B Ram down

    Beautiful ram!!!! Congratulations!!!!
  2. buffhunter

    Sheep tag in the family

    So awesome!!! And a beautiful ram!!!! Congratulations!!!!
  3. buffhunter

    Goulds tags!

    My 25 points was good enough to finally draw this year!!!!
  4. buffhunter

    Personal walk in cooler

    I have hung my meat and packed them on ice both Ive done for 2-3 weeks before I butcher. I honestly prefer them packed on ice. I just hate how much meat I have to cut off and waste when I hang them.
  5. buffhunter

    40b Gila mountains

    Will do for sure
  6. buffhunter

    40b Gila mountains

    Well the wait is finally over. I drew my second choice 40b Gila mountains. Can't wait to start scouting. I already got my permit to access. If anyone has any good starting points or tips I would greatly appreciate it. Dom
  7. buffhunter

    Looking for a bow

    My buddy has a fully set up Halon 32 for sale with 18 gold tip Pierce kenetic arrows. 5 pin accent verdict, quiver, hamski fall away. I think he wants like 900 for all of it
  8. buffhunter

    Hunters locked out of Buehman Canyon Unit 33

    They shut it off in the bottom now. It use to connect to the road that goes out to the San Pedro... I really never hunted that way I always hiked from the bottom out to the end of the plateu and killed good deer out in that country
  9. buffhunter

    Hunters locked out of Buehman Canyon Unit 33

    There are 2 ways to access. One is just 2wd while the other you need 4wd
  10. buffhunter

    Dental Work

    Crazy all this scare talk about Mexico dental work.... Lol. My whole family goes down there as well as dozens of my friends. None have had a bad experience. My mom hates Mexico but had her implant and bridge screwed up here and went to Mexico to get it fixed... Plus both places we go in Mexico also has practices here in the states but charge 3 to 4 times as much. I asked them why and they said because the people in Mexico can't afford it so they have to charge less.... Plus they take all major dental insurance as well...
  11. buffhunter

    Hunters locked out of Buehman Canyon Unit 33

    What about access coming in by piety hill? Is that what is shut off or the access from the San Pedro?
  12. buffhunter


    Awesome man!!!! Congrats
  13. buffhunter


    This is awesome I'm hopefully gonna bring in a few cases to sell at my restaurant!!!!!
  14. buffhunter

    Sheep Tag Drawn-24BN

    If you want a guide I would do it!!!!! This is once in a lifetime and those guys know what their doing. Personally if I drew one of those units I would use a guide to find the biggest Ram in the unit. Also I would use Chris Harlow to guide me and be my Taxidermist he's the best in the business.
  15. buffhunter

    Sheep tag in the family

    So insane!!!! That is awesome tell him congrats