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  1. Hunterdan

    Savage Accustock/ Karsten Cheekrest/ Price drop

    TTT. Price Drop $75
  2. Hunterdan

    Sad news- Hoghunter

    Reading through this it looks like everyone on this site has met Mike at least once. I also met Mike once. He bought some ammo are a gun part from me little over a year ago. We met up in a parking lot and talked for around a hour about Guns, bows, hunting and his injuries. Seem like a really great guy . God bless his family. RIP Mike.
  3. Hunterdan

    Max Point Question

    I could be wrong but don't think it will drop as low as 3-7. I think many of the max point holders are applying for the same 3-4 units.
  4. Hunterdan

    Hunting guide recommendations

    This is spot on!
  5. Hunterdan

    The Family Sheep Hunt - 2019 Ram

    Great story. Congrats!
  6. Hunterdan

    Savage Accustock/ Karsten Cheekrest/ Price drop

    TTT. Still available $100.
  7. Hunterdan


    I went with K02s 265/75R16 for a little more off road tire.
  8. Hunterdan


    They are Sold. Thx
  9. Hunterdan


    PM sent. Thanks- Sold
  10. Hunterdan


  11. Hunterdan

    Savage Accustock/ Karsten Cheekrest/ Price drop

    I am not sure if they do but let me know. It is a short action. Thanks! EDIT: From what I am reading looks like you will have to switch to a accustock model recoil lug in order to make it fit a non-accustock model.
  12. I have a Savage Accustock for sale. Short Action/sporter barrel. Has the Adjustable Karsten/cheekrest. It is in perfect condition like new. This was a take off on a Savage LRH 6.5 Creedmoor that I bought new 1.5 years ago. It includes the bushing on back mounting hole as seen in picture . I am in North Phoenix and can meet up in the general area. Thanks $75.
  13. Hunterdan


  14. Hunterdan

    Pool Repair (Pebble Tec)

    AS far as cleaning the rust stain up scrubbing the area with Vitamin C pills will clean the stain right up. I have cleaned a couple rust spots in our pool with vitamin C Pills. Seen it on a pool forum somewhere and tried it. Worked perfect. But if there is a rebar problem are something still need to fix the root of the problem.
  15. Hunterdan


    Sold. Thxs