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  1. coueshunter84

    Horse slaughter houses to open again

    Way more positives to this then negatives. Glad they finally came to their senses in at least one subject.
  2. coueshunter84

    Youth hunt: Tough past three days in 33

    Everything we found in the last season was down low. very little on anything that had elevation. They were all in the flats.
  3. coueshunter84

    1st Buck

    Big old roman nosed bruiser.. Cant beat that one for a first deer. Congrats to all involved.
  4. coueshunter84

    Interesting buck

    I would say mule deer, I wonder how many folks are around deer enough to pick out the mannerisms consciously. Its interesting that it was even brought up.. And not something I would ever think to look at. I might look for things like that subconsciously, but not on purpose.. Hmmm, I know the difference in traits/habitats/ and maybe just maybe a few of the mannerisms, for the most part, I think anyway. But havent actually ever put thought to it, Something I will have to pay more attention to in the future. Thanks for straining my brain. Very interesting..
  5. coueshunter84

    The Big Boyz

  6. coueshunter84

    Bownut, heres some pics of my Zona Longbow

    Truly a very functional piece of art. Good luck with it.
  7. coueshunter84

    Silly Broadhead penetration Test to share.

    Many of the rear opening heads will close after the shot when the target stops the arrow. usually dosent take much KE to close them. If the band or whatever is holding them has been tripped then they opened. To test the ones that dont use bands ( or any of them for that matter) put a piece of paper on the back side of the target. I think you will find most of them are opening, and just closeing afterward.
  8. coueshunter84

    What do you wear on your feet for a stalk?

    I have always used the $20 boots from Wally world. The soles on them are soft enough they make decent stalking boots. Granted they will only last a couple of seasons before the soles are gone. But they do work.
  9. coueshunter84

    Elk late rut

    We were up in 5a... Had the darndest time figureing things out.. Ever bull in the country was talking the whole hunt. We had bugles morning and evening. Every bull had 3-4 cows and seemed content with those numbers. The cows would stray away from the bulls for sometimes upto an hour or more, with the bulls showing no interests at all as to their where abouts. And they wanted nothing at all to do with anything getting close to them. A sattelite ( there were only 3-4 in the area without at least one cow and mostly raghorns and spikes) would bugle and they would run. We would cow call and they would run. We would bugle and they would reply until we hit the 2-300 yard range and then they would turn tail. There were keeping a 2-300 yard bufferzone between themselves and every other elk out there. We tried every trick in the book we could think of, and ended up filling one tag out of 3 with a raghorn 5x5. Stuck in his bed about noon on the 20th. was definately a learning experience. They were watering early in the am before dawn and again after dark. Nothing hitting waterholes during daylight hours. Got to love it.
  10. coueshunter84

    They are up!!

    5a archery bull. Another goat point.
  11. coueshunter84

    How Many Times did you Call Today?

    As of 5 minutes ago they were having technical difficulties after letting me enter all my info. So should not be long now Maybe even tonight.
  12. coueshunter84

    2nd leg of the Triple Crown

    Triangle T is about 15-20 minutes from Benson, And there are plenty of hotels and a few motels in town. I believe the triangle T also has little cottages, but dont remember if they rent them out. But Benson is definately the closest.
  13. coueshunter84

    Draw numbers up or down

    We drew straws this year to see who got to apply for tags, everyone else got points.
  14. coueshunter84

    357 ammo for pigs

    My nephew took one couple years ago with my .357 Using a 125 grain cast lead .38 special reload. One shot at 50 yards dropped it in its tracks. I would think anything that not designed to take out tanks will work just fine. I have knocked down yotes out to 100 yards with cast lead reloads out of mine.
  15. coueshunter84

    What do i get her

    I would go with a gift certificate and let her pick it out. Easiest and safest method out there. And having a bow she likes that she picked out will be way better then you getting the wrong color scheme, or something she dosent like the feel of.