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  1. rancilio

    FS: 16 Gold Tip Hunter XTs 340 $110: SOLD

    Don’t listen to anyone who doesn’t know or ask your tip weight. Rear of arrow weight matters as well but the difference between vanes and feathers is generally a whole lot less than the difference between 100, 125, 150, etc grains at the front.
  2. rancilio

    FS: 16 Gold Tip Hunter XTs 340 $110: SOLD

    If you are over spined, meaning too stiff of an arrow, you want to go towards a 400 arrow. 300 is more stiff than 340. The Gold Tip calculator is generally decent. https://www.goldtip.com/Resources/Spine-Chart.aspx If you ever get down south and still have these arrows, let me know.
  3. rancilio


    Where are you?
  4. rancilio

    ISO .22LF Snake Shot

    I have some .22lr shot. How much do you need? I am down south of Sierra Vista.
  5. rancilio

    ISO camper shell 2004-2008 f150 6.5’

    You probably need to see the data plate to confirm size. I believe Leer uses 66XXYY on the data plate for their 6.5ft shell. Of course 66in is 5.5ft, but for whatever reason people on CL seem to be confused.
  6. rancilio

    ISO camper shell 2004-2008 f150 6.5’

    Not mine or anyone I know. I have a CL search and just saw this one. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/wvl/pts/d/sun-city-west-leer-camper-shell-like-new/7126477621.html
  7. Ahha. Great. I’ll tell you what you need to know to make it easy. I generally see forms 1-3wks following approval. Ruling 41F in July 2016, changed a few things. Depending on the verbiage of your trust, it may or may not be easy to remove trustees. Most trusts that I have seen are written such that removing or adding a trustee is fairly simple. The trust you send in with a new NFA application should accurately reflect the trustees on the trust at that time.
  8. Yes, all trustees (ATF defined as Responsible Person) must complete a Form 23 (Responsible Person Questionnaire), a photo and 2x fingerprint cards. Both Individual and trust ownership require CLEO notification, no sign off. A common technique these days is to remove trustees, except for the settlor (sometimes called original trustee) prior to submitting a new NFA application... or just create a new trust with a single trustee. Adding trustees, after the approved Form 4 comes back, is between the settlor and whoever is added. No ATF, FBI, CLEO or anybody needs to be notified.
  9. What do you want to know?
  10. What did you replace them with?
  11. rancilio

    N 95 mask

    PM sent
  12. rancilio

    Suppressor-Where to start

    In the last two months, I have seen both trusts and individual between 6-11mo. 6-9 months ago, individuals were 3-4mo while trusts were 8-10mo. The caveat is, past wait times do not predict what wait times will be for an application submitted today. Do not believe anyone that says they know what wait times will be. I can tell you that submitting an ATF application now, at least gets you in line, and that not submitting an app is a sure way not to get an approval.
  13. rancilio

    Suppressor-Where to start

    Silencers for all! Let me know what other questions you have.
  14. rancilio

    WTB/ISO Outdoorsman’s rifle rest

    No Outdoorsman’s, but I have a Triclawps you can try. It only works with suppressed guns though. 😳
  15. rancilio

    Chicken killers revenge

    How’d you do that?