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    My kids. Protecting freedoms and being outside enjoying them. Hearing protection via silencers. FFL/SOT Class 3 - quiettimesports.com

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  1. rancilio

    Lets See Them Kids

    This was the proudest I have seen my 5yr old. 100% found on his own two days ago. His little brother was happy and proud himself when he was allowed to carry the find.
  2. rancilio

    Time for a suppressor

    If you want to talk about cans or the process, send me a note.
  3. rancilio

    recoil fear

    creed, if you and your wife want to see if shooting with silencer might help, let me know. I am just south of Sierra Vista. I will probably be up in Tucson sometime this week.
  4. rancilio

    Live Trap- trying to remove a coyote in town.

    Bears are here about two weeks a year from the end of August to mid September, only when the apples up the Canyon are ripe. Every year after their apple snack they break into my chicken coop and kill... until last year when I electrified my chicken area.
  5. rancilio

    Live Trap- trying to remove a coyote in town.

    I strung electric wire to keep bears and javelina out... nothing else worked. Foxes, raccoons, and skunks still figure out ways to visit at night. Coyotes haven’t touched the electric wire as far as I have seen, but they seem to know it might hurt. And big cats haven’t shown an interest in the chickens at all... so far. 13629A49-CB2A-43A8-B9FF-A674BF8F7145.MP4 3626D748-AABF-4A50-92CB-BADAF0B95A26.MP4 62DD1B50-27D2-4B9E-A4F2-E5444CB849CE.MP4
  6. rancilio

    My First Southern Border Hunt Experience

    Just a swag, 95% of the illegal garbage that used to be left in 35A east of the Huachucas stopped once our section of the wall went up. Much of the old trash is still here but it’s fairly rare to see fresh illegal left-behinds.
  7. rancilio

    Tikka T3X Lite Suppressed

    Check out TBAC’s thread diagrams and info https://thunderbeastarms.com/tech/thread-specifications
  8. rancilio

    Tikka T3X Lite Suppressed

    What can do you have or do you intend to get?
  9. rancilio

    Tikka T3X Lite Suppressed

    I don’t have a T3X Lite, but have seen a few a cans mounted on skinny barrels. What caliber is your rifle and what is the muzzle diameter? If you would consider cutting the barrel back a bit, what is the diameter at an acceptable barrel length?
  10. rancilio

    Playing Possum?

    Good stuff. While going after feral cats, I’ve live-trapped and released 10 or so opossums over the past few years on the east side of the Huachucas just south of Sierra Vista. They all appeared to me to be the same common Virginia opossum (Didelphis virginiana) that I grew up with in Missouri and Indiana. We used to catch them in live traps and mark them with paint to see if the same critters came back each night. I remember being surprised that we rarely caught a marked individual even with catching an opossum almost every summer night. Just about the only nights we didn’t get an opossum, we trapped a skunk. All fun for a youngin. I’ll look for some pics of my recent trapped opossums.
  11. rancilio

    Purebred Yellow Lab Puppies for Sale

    PM sent
  12. rancilio


    Almost but not quite an SBR. No wait, no $200 tax. You cant put a vertical fore grip on a pistol so its a nice setup while you wait for your Form 1 approval.
  13. rancilio

    Coues shedding yet?

    Most 35a bucks have shed with nubs of new growth visible, but I saw a one-sided antler boy a few days ago.
  14. rancilio


    If anyone wants to bring their rifle down and screw on a can or two for comparison, let me know. Or better, if a few people want to come down to demo some cans, lets do it. Maybe hear a TBAC Ultra 5, Ultra 9, SilencerCo Omega, Harvester or Hybrid in person so you can decide for yourself. There are a few places to meet off Hwy 90 not too far south from I-10. Of course, we have to wait until the fire restrictions are lifted. As of now, Coronado NF says no firearms until 31 July, or sooner, depending on when restrictions are lifted.
  15. rancilio

    WTS Thunder Beast Suppressor certificate

    If a CWT member buys the certificate, I will do the transfer for free. I am down south in Hereford. Info@quiettimesports.com