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 Savage 24 series p 22lr/20ga. In good shape. $450 (SPF)

Howa 1500 204 ruger  legacy detachable magazine $475(SPF)

May have 204 ammo to sell with the rifle. I don't want to sell the ammo alone.

Selling to help fund a build.

Located in north Phoenix  35th pinnacle  peak 



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Holy cow,  I have that Savage combo, I bought it at a garage sale when I was around 18.... I gave the lady $50 for it and aced my buddy who didn’t have the cash on him.   I have killed so many rabbits and squirrels with that thing, the 20 gauge bucks pretty good with the short barrel,

does this one have the hinged butt plate for extra ammo storage?  Mine originally had a padded vinyl case to store it broken down, I carried It backpacking a lot.

Mine isn’t near that clean though, stock  has seem it’s share of bumps and bruises

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I was gifted a Savage 24 22mag/20 guage when I was 10, I'm 52 now.  A lot of rifles have come and gone over the years but not that one.  Had to replace the 22mag firing pin cause I wore the silly thing out!

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