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Smallest bull yet

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Drew a late archery elk tag and was excited because anytime hunting elk in AZ is exciting. Well found out I had the stupid covid shoot after 4 tests the day before I left due to hacking up a lung non stop.figured what better way to quarantine than go camp solo in northern Az. Long story short busted Friday trying to find a camp spot getting stuck in the mud and what not. Changed plans found a nice spot in the lower country and started hunting. Found tons of deer  and antelope but not many elk. Saturday evening found a herd of bulls from rags to one big 370 type bull. Plan Sunday morning go relocate bull. Got to glassing and never found said bull but found this bull. Bailed off the glassing hill and cut the distance. Got to the herd from 40-60 yards. They either herd me or wind switched and ran. Bull stopped. Ranged him ar 103 and sent it. Arrow found the mark and he piled up. Not bad for a solo late hunt. 6th AZ archery bull in the freezer. 



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