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Marlin 39a for sale at shop in Gilbert

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6 hours ago, levers said:

A few guys have asked me about Marlin 39a's and I saw that Arizona Firearms in Gilbert has this one for sale.  I haven't seen it in person.  I think they'll pull it off Gunbroker if it doesn't have bids.


Thanks for helping CWT levers. 👍

My Dad gave me one of these over 50 years ago when I was a teenager.  It was my first gun.

Still have it today and shoot it fairly regularly.  Just a fantastically well made firearm and it has held up well with 50+ years of life factored in the mix.

IIRC, it holds ~25 LR's, a bunch more longs and maybe a thousand shorts so you can shoot it for what seems like forever.  😁

Nice examples of these are pricey (my work laptop blocks many sites so can't access the link now) and I wish I knew what Dad paid for mine.  I suspect no more than ~$100.



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These rifles have become collectors items as their production run was limited.  I sold my Deluxe 39A with original box, manual and carry bag for just over $1,000 about ten years ago.  It was in excellent condition.  This one is pretty rough, but still worth $500+ to somebody - just not me.

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Rifles in excellent condition always gain value. Junk only goes down, no matter how rare it is. Junk is junk.

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