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Coues Archer

Explosive 338 Coyote Bullet!!!

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Hello Fellow Predator hunters. Last year I built a 338 Lapua Magnum and man is this thing an absolute tack driver with a 300 grain berger OTM tactical bullet. I built it for the sole purpose of elk hunting as it works extremely well for it. Last year I shot an elk at 660 yards and absolutely folded the sucker with a single shot, died instantly from hydrostatic shock! So I know 338 Lapua is a bit much to hunt coyotes but last week I went out to have some long range fun, long story short I killed 2 coyotes and they both were totally not impressive in terms of trauma. Almost seems like them coyotes are not dense enough to get that bullet to expand properly haha. Any ideas on any explosive/rapid expanding 338 caliber bullets that will blow up a coyote?😂 Anyone have experience with blowing up coyotes to kingdom come😁 Below are some bullets I have researched that definitely have my attention🤔 What you guys think? Any input much appreciated!






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