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Finally Shot a Big one!

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This is my first post, eventhough I have been reading this fourm for a few years.

I have been hunting these sneeky Whitetail for several years and have finally shot one for the wall.

On a windy day my best friend and I sat doun in a little draw to eat lunch and he glasses up this buck at about 1000 yards. He said to me " It looks like a buck in the face but I can't see any antlers. I put the spotting scope on him and waited for him to move his head. 15 minuits later he did. I couldn't see how big so we moved closer. As we got about 400 yards my buddy finds him in the fifteens and says "go shoot this deer and don't look at the antlers". So I moved a little closer and started shooting across the canyon. I wont tell you how many shots but it only took one to take him down.

Anyways it was a success.

Thanks to my best friend for hunting with me for all these years. and to many more to come.





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Very nice buck, and welcome to the site.



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Nice buck..


Anyone ever tell you that you look exactly like the lead singer from Weezer?? Dead ringer


No Kidding!!!!



Awesome Buck, don't worry theres lots of hunters that run through a half box of bullets on an animal, and still don't drop umm. Well done!!


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