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2010 Bull Elk

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We glassed this bull up on Trurs. night about 1.5 miles south of us. We watched him rut hard until the sun went down. In the morning we decided to go after him, and we were going to close the distance in the dark so they wouldnt see us. As we walked in we could hear them rutting hard right in front of us. It couldnt have been much more than 100yrds from us. They were just screaming like crazy. We could hear them walking. We decided we better get away from them so we went up on top of a hill to get a better view of the area. We glassed them up before sun came up. You could barley see them but you could see them good enough to tell it was the bull we wanted. I started to range them and the area, while steven was getting ready to take the shot. We got all set up and the bull stopped broad side. Range it. 682yrds., Dial it. 1 MOA windage to the right for about a 2-4mph from the right at 2 oclock. REM700 300WM 208 AMAX @ 2955fps. Elk went no more than 50yrds after the shot.





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nice bull

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