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  1. Drill it out a little longer. It wont change the contact point of the bullet, just stop the tip from hitting.
  2. I got a REM700 SPS 270 black synthetic stock. for my daughter but its too much for her. Its like new with 21rnds through it according to the empty shells from the previous owner. Im looking to trade it for something smaller or something different. I can add money if needed. If your interested let me know and send a PM. Thanks for looking.
  3. jeffro

    Scope Rings for my daughter

    The bases on the rifle work with some 30mm picatinny rings I have so it must be picatinny. Let me think about the rail. Thanks for the offer.
  4. jeffro

    Remington 700 .270 win

    i will take it per our call. thanks
  5. I just bought my daughter her first rifle savage axis 243. Im looking for some 1in Picatinny weaver rings. Please PM me if you have some your looking to sell. I have a bunch of Remington bases and rings if we could trade.
  6. jeffro

    Savage youth/women’s .243

    Seller is good to go. Nice to meet you Matt.
  7. jeffro

    AR10 and AR 15 riffles complete set

    Buyer beware. Out of state newbie.
  8. jeffro

    AR10 and AR 15 riffles complete set

  9. All State transmission in Mesa. I've used them a bunch and always been great. They build for many transmission shops in az. Good work and good price.
  10. jeffro

    Primers and bullets

    pm sent
  11. jeffro

    300 blackout

    How was the lower purchased?
  12. jeffro

    Remingrton 700

  13. jeffro


    Good words there. Ive been burned a few times as well, by people not keeping their word.
  14. jeffro

    Delete please

    What cal?