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  1. jeffro

    mechanic job

    Im looking for a mechanic to work on a fleet of isuzu nprs. Does anyone on CWT do that or know anyone? If so please text Jeff at 480 888 6279 or PM
  2. I would like to trade some 44 cal gas checks for 45 cal gas checks. I used to have a 44 and sold it and now have a 45LC. Does anyone have any they would like to trade?
  3. jeffro

    Gun Classifieds in AZ

    https://backpagegun.com/ I dont like it as much as backpage, but its better than nothing.
  4. jeffro

    7mm Mag or 300 WM ?

    This has to be one of the funniest things i have read on a forum.
  5. jeffro


    Seconds if your buyer doesnt work out.
  6. I have 500ct .243 100gr Grand Slams. Im looking to trade for other reloading components or what you may have. I dont need a bullet of this quality for what I use my 243WIN.
  7. jeffro

    Ruger "Frontier" Rifle in 7mm-08

  8. jeffro

    ISO auto repair shop in Tempe

    What company are you? I'm looking as well.
  9. jeffro

    CZ 452 American RH 17hmr rifle

    Wish it was the Hornet. Nice rifle. bump.
  10. Im looking for a truck mechanic to work on some Isuzu NPRs. Does anyone on CWT do that or know someone good? Thanks for your help.
  11. jeffro

    Tonto Xmas tree permits

    pm sent
  12. jeffro

    WTB Rem 700 ADL LA Magnum Stock

    Does his have a floor plate or not?