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Jay Scott

AZ Desert Bighorn Sheep Scouting-Dead Head Found

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I have the privilege and honor of hunting and scouting for desert bighorn sheep with Ernie and Seth Meeske, of Payson Arizona. We have made many trips to the Arizona desert while looking for Ernie's ram for the upcoming hunt. Some of the trips have been scorching hot and some have been windy and cold. Some of the trips have yielded many rams and some have produced very few sightings like our trip yesterday but the journey continues and the search remains constant. We made a big hike yesterday into God's masterful creation and at 2:00pm we were positioned on a high bluff glassing the surrounding area. Seth got my attention and told me to just look through his binoculars. I thought he had found a giant ram, well as it turns out, I peered through his binos and saw a yellow horn sticking out from under a rock. I pulled out of the binos and the father son duo had a smile that was from ear to ear. Seth made a heroic attempt to get off the ledge to go inspect the find. Congrats to Ernie and Seth on their great trophy head. Quick measurements of the head are 36 2/8, 14 6/8, 14, 13, 9 4/8. Mid 170's ram that had been in this position for at least a couple of years.
















It is so refreshing to see the love and respect that the Meeske's have for each other. It is not hard to see the tight bond between father and son during any circumstance that we have encountered. I look forward to our adventure in the search for the Ernie's once in a lifetime ram and feel honored to be part of the team.838693349566457000-1332088558969148763?l=jayscottoutdoors.blogspot.com


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Very cool! My husband found one once, you would have thought he shot it himself, he was so excited!

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