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Water buffalo taken

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So I've wanted to plan a red stag and water buffalo hunt in Argentina for several years now but just never had the time. It now looks like it'll be a stag only trip down there when I finally make it!!

Big Argentine water buff bull down this morning for me. The only difference was I took this bull much closer to home than the requisite 5000 mile trip south. I took this big boy on a friend's 7000 acre ranch in the Tex hill country. Not only did I end up with a great bull, but it also put 625lb of boned out fantastic meat in my freezers and the freezers of my friends and family.

The 375H&H made short work of him with a frontal brain shot with a 300gr Sledgehammer solid. I was amazed at just how big this variety of water buffalo is! Certainly larger than any Aussie water buffalo or Cape buffalo I've taken. He'll look great on the big boy wall.


Great way to kick off the 2017 hunting season with Spain and Russia in 2 short weeks!!!






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No prob, Kifaru amr 2 and toss the quarter in with some trim meat on top and head on out to the truck !!!!! Cool opportunity.

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Your hunts are out of my dreams brother.......

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