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Gunpowder and Primers (Flagstaff)

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All is new, unopened, stored indoors, new stock. Located in Flagstaff. No plans to go down to the Valley but am in Cottonwood/Sedona sometimes.


Primers (per thousand) $24 each

Small Pistol:

Federal (standard) 1 available

CCI 500 (standard) 5 available

CCI 550 (magnum) 1 available

Large Pistol:

Federal (standard) 1 available

CCI 300 (standard) 3 available

CCI 350 (magnum) 1 available

Winchester (standard or magnum) 4 available

Large Rifle:

CCI 200 (standard) 2 available

Winchester (standard) 7 available


Rifle Powder $24/lb

H4350 (2 available)

H335 (6 available)

H4895 (3 available)

Varget (2 available)

Ramshot Hunter (1 available)

Reloader 15 (2 available)

Reloader 17 (2 available)

Reloader 25 (1 available)

Benchmark (1 available)

W748 (2 available)

IMR 4895 (2 available)

IMR 4064 (10 available)

IMR 3031 (6 available)

IMR 4831 (1 available)

IMR 4350 (2 available)

IMR 4895 8lb jug $160

Hodgdon H1000 8lb jug $160


Pistol Powder

Unique $24/lb (2 available)

Hodgdon HS-6 $20/lb (2 available)

Universal $20/lb (1 available)



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