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Introduction, Fort Huachuca/Sierra VIsta

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Good Afternoon All,

Just moved down to Fort Huachuca area for the next six months. Doing Javelina/Coues down in 35A, and would also like to do some small game as well, especially quail. If you're in the area and want someone to hang out with, give me a shout. I don't have a dog unfortunately, but can provide gas money, beer, and good company if you have the dog 😎

Good luck out there!


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Hey hjwwy! I'm a diehard quail hunter. I go to Az a couple times a year. Do you have access to the Fort? I have always wanted to hunt that, I'm former Mil. but I think the restrictions are pretty tight. Here's a video of a trip we did a couple years ago. I'm the good looking guy with the beard! lol Hit me up if you want to put something together for Jan.  575-496-3219



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