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Would you shoot it

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we found 2 really black ones in unit 8 years ago, we hunted them for 3 years worth of tags. one was missing the 1st year the 3rd year both were still very much alive. one was over 350 easy the smaller one was maybe 300 if that., The big one ran across I-40 into unit 10 on the last year.  they were with in 5 miles of each other. like lance said didnt make any difference what time of the year they stayed same colors.

Ive seen dark ones occasionally before over the years but never as dark as these 2

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1 hour ago, lancetkenyon said:

I saw a charcoal bull like that for 3 years in a row in 7W.  Don't mind that monster in the middle...


Who else was an idiot like me and kept trying to push the play button. (?!) 😂🤣

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