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AGFD - Green Valley Lakes Get Extra Trout

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Nov. 27, 2020
Arizona Game and Fish Department
Green Valley Lakes get extra stocking of trout
Stockings provide rare opportunity to fish for albino rainbow trout
PAYSON, Ariz. — Payson-area anglers and other anglers visiting the area received a pre-Thanksgiving treat on Wednesday.
The Arizona Game and Fish Department conducted a supplemental stocking of trout from its Canyon Creek Hatchery into all three lakes in Green Valley Park. Altogether, about 350 pounds of rainbow trout and 350 pounds of albino rainbow trout were stocked. The rainbows average about 11 to 12 inches in length, while many of the albinos are in the 14-inch range.
“The albino rainbow trout are being stocked to provide anglers with a rare opportunity to catch an unusual fish,” said Geoffrey Rabinovich, statewide hatchery program manager for AZGFD. “Albino rainbows are easily spotted by predators, so they rarely occur in the wild in Arizona. However, they do grow well in a hatchery environment and are fun for anglers to catch.”
The current drought conditions have meant reduced spring water flows at Canyon Creek Hatchery, making it difficult for the hatchery to maintain the quality water flow needed to support the large number of fish in its raceways. To reduce numbers and help ensure fish there have enough water to grow and thrive, the hatchery will provide some trout for the winter stockings of lakes in AZGFD’s Community Fishing Program, which includes Green Valley Lakes. Some trout from the hatchery will be stocked in Phoenix and Tucson Community Fishing Program waters in December.
This will not impact the hatchery’s normal spring and summer stockings into state waters, as the money that is normally spent for out-of-state contractors for the Community Fishing Program in winter will now be used to help the hatchery maintain its normal schedule of trout production this summer.
Anglers are reminded that the daily bag limit for trout at the Green Valley Lakes is four fish.

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That would be pretty cool to catch one.  I'm gonna have to look and see if any will make there way into our lakes down here.  

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Don't send everyone up here, lol caught a few today, them albino's nail the chit out of your bait, hope they stick around with the tiger trout.

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