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ALL SOLD .223/.22LR Ammo Market Price?

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Please help me out. Please let me know what the current market prices are. I saw a posting for .22 at 8 cents per round, I took offers and advice on pricing the .223 Thank you for any considerate input

500 round case Denel PMP 55g FMJ 

400 rounds Remington 55g FMJ 

400 rounds Lake City green tip 

223 $0.65 per round?

.22LR bricks $0.08 cents per round?

FTF in Tucson 





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If you happen to be headed N at all, I would be interested in a 400 pack of 223.  I'd be happy to pay you ahead of time if you had anything scheduled for a later time. I don't have anything planned heading that way any time soon (maybe 2nd or 3rd week of Jan). 

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