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Christensen Ridgeline 300win mag with AMMO SOLD

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Up for sale is my Christensen Ridgeline 300winmag that I bought last year because I had so much ammo for it.  I still have the ammo, so this is a package deal.  Im selling because I already have a 300wsm and a 300 Tejas Ultramag.    

The rifle is in like new condition, previous owner stated that it had been fired less than 50 rounds.  I fired 10 rounds through it to scope it.  It likes the 180gr Ballistic Silvertips.  It has a Nightforce 20moa base on it. I have 20 full boxes and one partial of Winchester 180gr Ballistic Silvertips. I will not separate the ammo unless the rifle sells.  I want to sell it together, I will give it a couple of days as a package then sell it by itself.  Sorry for any confusion.  


Sold.   all together, will upload pictures of the ammo when I get home.

If I decide to separate it, 




I will try it on CWT for a week then its on to the World Wide Web....


300ridgeline 1.jpeg





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