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  1. lancetkenyon

    WTB swaro 1.7 me

    Make you try before you buy. I have heard more negative reviews than positive. I have never used one myself.
  2. lancetkenyon


    Give me precise GPS coordinates to where YOUR buck is, and I can confirm or deny if that is the same buck.
  3. lancetkenyon

    Wyoming Adventure

    I got almost hourly updates during this hunt....and decided to go buy my own preference points for a future WY antelope hunt!
  4. lancetkenyon

    10-22 Owners with scopes Step Inside

    Only 300....maybe 400.....
  5. lancetkenyon

    10-22 Owners with scopes Step Inside

    Over your price range, but both my 10/22s wear an SWFA SS 3-15×42. If you wait until Black Friday timeline, or find them used, you can get into them for -$500. Amazing scopes.
  6. lancetkenyon

    Switzerland Alpine Ibex makes 20!

    Man. Those mtns are intimidating! Awesome.
  7. lancetkenyon

    rifle for wife

    You are a lucky man that your wife likes to hunt. My daughters both hunt though. They use what rifle I take for them to use depending on game choice. They get to pick what is in the truck. Anyone who knows me, knows that is usually one of 3 (in the vehicle) that are all high end customs with top tier glass. Accurate and well documented rifles make for a more enjoyable hunt. Practice, practice, practice.
  8. lancetkenyon

    whats next

    My 10x42s are Meopta. My 15x56 & spotter are Cabelas. I had a relative drop my 15x56s about 8' down off some rocks. Cabelas ordered a new pair and shipped them to me no questions asked.
  9. lancetkenyon


    Save $700 and get the Meopta Meostar 15x56s. I have had a set for years, and they are amazing.
  10. lancetkenyon

    whats next

    I have Meopta 10x42HD, 15x56HD, and a Meostar S2 20-70x82 spotter. I keep the 10s in a chest harness, glass with them out to a mile all the time. 15s are my main long range glassing optic. 1 mile out to 3+ miles easily. The spotter is for taking a good look at game that I find WAY out there. I actually have the 15s out at work this week. I was glassing towers for MW shots from my mountaintop from 7 to 51 miles away with the 15s. I have thousands of hours behind them. No eye fatigue, amazing color (I actually prefer the color a bit over Swaros), great clarity (only giving up the outer 5% of edge to Swaro), good contrast, and light gathering so good you can easily glass game during a moonlit night. I got my 10x42s from Sportoptic as a demo set. Saved a couple hundred and they were like new. I got my 15x56 from Cabela's. I had full intentions of buying the Swaro 15x56 when I went, with cash in hand. I took them both outside on a tripod for an hour with the optics counter lady. Side-by-side, I compared them. For the "$700" difference I thought I was saving, I could live with the outer edge being a bit distorted. Then, I got a great surprise. They were on sale, saving me another 10%. Then, I opened a Cabela's card and saved $200. Then, got an additional 10% off at the register, AND made Cabela's points. I basically paid $1100 for them when all was said and done. The Spotter is a Cabela's branded too. Got it in the Bargain cave and saved $500. Even at full price, they are a great buy. I would buy them again in a heartbeat.
  11. lancetkenyon

    whats next

    If you had 10x42s, my no-brainer answer would be 15x56. The 12x50s make it a bit more difficult. But....what is your budget? Unless you are talking $700-1k+, it is hard for me to suggest either. I would take a great set of 10x42s over a $400 pair of 15s or a spotter. Put a great set of 10s on a tripod and find way more game than sub-par 15s.
  12. lancetkenyon


    If you weren't in western NM, I would take them. And I am out of town until Friday.
  13. lancetkenyon

    What is the best Couse unit in AZ

    Lots of units can produce big Coues bucks in AZ. Dave is the man to talk to. Personally, I have only hunted Coues deer a very few times (once as a draw rifle tag, and a few times archery OTC). I am more of a Muley guy myself. The only Coues buck I have ever shot was in 24B. It was about 16 years ago. I have been told it is a pretty good buck. But back then, I had no $$$ to mount it. I still regret not saving up and getting it done. It is one my future to-do list to buy a cape and get it mounted.
  14. lancetkenyon

    anyone want to go fox hunting?

    4 legged or 2 legged fox hunting?
  15. I will definitely agree with this observation. But a 6.5mm 140gr and a .338 300gr do NOT have the same BC. Lighter high BC bullet (still heavy for caliber @ .600 G1) cannot match heavy high BC bullet for caliber (.818 G1). So drift is significantly less with the .338 300gr. You cannot make a 6.5mm bullet with a BC that will ever come close to a .338s 300gr, because of the weight factor. They might have the exact same shape/BT/ogive, but the 140 cannot overcome the 300 due to the weight difference. Which makes the BC higher. Which makes less drift when pushed at comparable speeds. Now if you want to compare a 6.5mm 140 Hybrid (G1 BC .605) @ 2850 to a .338 275 Accubond (G1 BC .575") @ 2850, you are correct, that .338 275 AB will actually drift more than the 140.