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  1. runningbird

    Catahoula leopard Dogs

    we had one for almost 15 years, he passed about 6 months ago. very protective dog. my wife couldn't control him when he was 4 months old. She took him to obedience training. after the 2nd class they kicked him out. every time a bigger dog looked at Christine he went after it. he was also great on cattle (header) .. I will say I've never had a dog that needed so much exercise. We love him and miss him.
  2. I see that the deer association meeting this Tuesday at bass pro shops is speaking on this topic. Maybe this is posted already, not sure. I would suggest that everyone interested go to the meeting and get the facts. I went to a similar meeting in 2012 and it was informative and well run. I did not agree with the proposal but all in all it was a good opportunity to hear the concept.
  3. Ok, well thanks for responding. Maybe your just stuck in the middle and trying to be heard on your pod cast (which are excellent). But this is starting out poorly if they are interested in everyone's input.
  4. Jay, BS They do not want our input or they would have given us more time..... more notice and been transparent.
  5. runningbird

    New SFW Tag Grab Initiative

    I'd like to know why I get an email every week from azsfw telling me what's going on with the lion,big cat deal. But I received nothing from them on this tag deal????? It would be different if they were transparent about the whole thing, But they are off to a terrible start. Last time around they claimed it was purely a mistake that the legislation was started without sportsman knowing about it? Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. In general Sportsmen and women are so apathetic that it's embarrassing, I can't wait to see if people actually stand up and be heard. Understand this! If they truly cared about what we think or wanted our support an email would have been sent out, times would not have been changed. This is all short notice and they will have some kind of excuse. What will we do?
  6. runningbird

    New SFW Tag Grab Initiative

    What well respected sportsman was that?
  7. I would be interested to know the true ins and outs of this whole proposal. The problem is the way they tried to sneak in past everyone last time really created distrust.
  8. what a bunch of BS AGAIN. 12 sportsman showed up, That would be the 12 they wanted and informed of the meeting. Ask how many paid positions this would create.
  9. runningbird

    The new G&F Rules

    or another question is , does anyone here care enough to show up and be heard. and not pointing a finger at you Kaffer62. just in general the same 20 people will be at the meeting. everyone else will whine and complain on the computer.
  10. runningbird

    How bout them Devils!

    last nights game was like every ASU loss this year. Very win able game. At least 5 chances to put it away. Bottom line, they never did have a go to guy. Even when they did penetrate the zone they did not make the right decision. they only dribble penetrated 3 times (think Steve Nash) . The team lacked an athletic big man all season, they didn't need a 7 footer. just someone who could catch and turn toward the hoop. very frustrating. Good luck Cats.
  11. runningbird

    How bout them Devils!

    ASU also beat ucla and usc a couple weeks ago, two team that look to be in. I think they will get to a play in game. If it was up to me I'd say no, their second half of the season was horrendous. But if they do have the play in game against OK that could be fun. I would say one of those two kinda/sorta should be in.
  12. runningbird

    How bout them Devils!

    Because they beat 2 number one seeds, away from home. And no other team in the country did that. I don't think they deserve to get in, but that's how. Hope they at least make them play in.
  13. runningbird

    How bout them Devils!

    well i guess U of A is trying very hard. good luck, be proud.
  14. runningbird

    How bout them Devils!

    left over??????? how did it get there in the first place, it's not left over from last year! the truth? come on now, your not that innocent are you?
  15. runningbird

    How bout them Devils!

    They will do whatever it takes to win....cheat,pay,drugs. No suprised at all. All the Tucson fans will claim It was an innocent accident.