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  1. StickFlicker

    Are there any decent bucks left in unit 21?

    Remember, the further north you go, the earlier the rut begins.
  2. StickFlicker

    First day velvet success...

    Awesome buck, great job!
  3. StickFlicker

    Beam Me Up Scotty

    PRDATR, maybe that's because KFC does sell grilled chicken (although not in all locations), and have off and on in some locations for probably 10 years. https://www.kfc.com/menu/chicken/grilled
  4. StickFlicker

    2A - trophy unit?

    Great looking buck, Saguaro!
  5. StickFlicker

    Toyota Tacoma vs Nissan Frontier

    I've never owned either of those actual models, but I've owned trucks from both companies (mostly Tundra's or the older Toyotas before the Tacoma). The Toyotas seem much more solid, better skid plates, etc. than did the Nissans. I've had very good luck with Toyota trucks, with my previous Tundra having good resale value even with 228,000 miles on it, with almost everything original but a little transmission work 110,000 miles into it. I don't even look at the Nissans anymore.
  6. StickFlicker

    Namibia July 2018 ( a return to Africa)

    Awesome trip! cji, I believe the pics of the dead treas is actually in Deadvlei, which is near Sosusvlei (where they are standing in front of the sign). It's famous for a time when it rained so much that the river flooded and formed these two salt pans (marsh). It eventually dried-out leaving these dead camel thorn trees. They're in the middle of the giant red sand dunes. The trees are famously photographed, and are believed to be 600-700 years-old. They aren't petrified, they just don't rot away because the area receives nearly zero annual rainfall, so it's just too dry for them to break down and deteriorate.
  7. StickFlicker

    The 2018 leftover list is now up on G&F website.

    That is bad luck. Next year you'll have one more bonus point than usual, so should be a slam dunk.
  8. StickFlicker

    The 2018 leftover list is now up on G&F website.

    Looks like there are more to me too.
  9. StickFlicker

    The 2018 leftover list is now up on G&F website.

    Thanks, RR. I just looked for them about two hours or so ago and they weren't there yet.
  10. StickFlicker

    Fire Restrictions Coming to an End!

    Thanks for letting us know. That's good news!
  11. StickFlicker

    Kaibab Archery

    The roads in Kaibab are generally very good for the most part, without beating up your truck at all. I can't think of anywhere that the roads would require a quad, although there may be a very few areas.
  12. StickFlicker

    Gunsmith Recommendation?

    Thanks guys. I believe They're different types of handguns, autos and revolvers.
  13. StickFlicker

    Gunsmith Recommendation?

    I have a friend that inherited some guns and would like to have them checked-out by a gunsmith before he fires them. I don't think any of them are very expensive guns. He's not a gun/hunting person, so a helpful person that would make a good impression on a non-hunter (and not a know-it-all jerk like some of these guys can be) would be good. Do you have any recommendations for someone that is somewhere near Central and Thunderbird, give or take, that I could refer him to? Thanks.
  14. StickFlicker

    Same deer shot by two hunters

    Mark, I'm not sure it would be illegal in Arizona for you to shoot an animal that someone else shot first, but it likely would be illegal for the first shooter to tag an animal that someone else killed. Therefore, YOU need to be prepared to tag that animal. On a side note, I would be pissed-off if someone else shot an animal I had wounded and was trailing. I would never count that as an animal I killed, nor would the record books view it as an animal I killed. A meat hunter may not care if you put another hole through his animal, but someone that takes pride in taking trophy animals would likely not be happy with you at all. If I shot a record book animal, and you took that away from me by deliberately shooting my animal again with no intention of claiming it yourself, we would have words. Since you have no idea how that hunter would feel about you shooting his animal, I would think twice before doing so.
  15. StickFlicker

    Same deer shot by two hunters

    "This past weekend during our muzzleloader season, I was hunting a distant relative's property..." "...I had a line of doe come through and I placed a shot on the largest one I saw. " What's wrong with this story? I know that California has an early July bowhunt, but I'm not aware of anywhere that has a muzzy season in June.