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  1. There are some bruisers up there. One of the biggest typical mule deer I have ever seen was in 21.
  2. Kaffer62

    outdoorsman pan head

    Any interest in trading a outdoorsmans pistol grip with panner attachment?
  3. Kaffer62

    $20 Fantasy Football League

    Im in!
  4. Only used on 2 hunts. Brown top with white walls. $140 obo
  5. Kaffer62

    Montana tag

    Go get em Andy!
  6. Kaffer62

    What's burning down south by Roosevelt,

    Just south of Forrest lakes looking south from the rim was hazy as well. Not sure if from same fire
  7. Kaffer62

    Where to retire?

    South Phoenix.
  8. Kaffer62

    Trail Camera Opinion/Review?

    Should work just fine
  9. Kaffer62

    Howa 1500 300 win mag

    Great rifle. Have the same exact one. Super accurate. Glws
  10. Kaffer62

    Fantasy Football Time?

    I am in
  11. Kaffer62

    Super Raffle

    Nope. I must be in the same boat.
  12. Kaffer62

    Leftover results

    Top or bottom are both shooters.
  13. Kaffer62

    Leftover results

    I am sorry. I forgot to ask where to hunt. Can someone give me a honey hole or two? Appreciate your help ha ha ha
  14. Kaffer62

    Leftover results

    36a for my family
  15. Kaffer62


    30mm rings and base for rem700 and weatherby vanguard?