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  1. DUG

    Meat processing in Phoenix

    Sanchez Processing at Central and Broadway area. Does great slim Jims and summer sausage. 602-375-1646. If you can't get a hold of Sylvia, pm me and I'll give you her cell #.
  2. DUG

    Mountain Lion

    And squeeze it and call it George!!! Young guys will have no clue.......
  3. DUG

    Unit 7 antelope

    Congrats! That's a nice buck for sure!!!
  4. DUG

    Unit 9 Jr. Hunt

    My girl got her 2nd choice deer which was Unit 9. Anybody got any starting places in 9? Not looking for honey holes but maybe a FSR to start on. She's not picky and not looking for a wall hanger. PM me if any info you can share. We're hunting during the week so we'll miss the Jr. Camp. I've been looking on maps and have a couple places to try. Thanks in advance!
  5. DUG

    Looking for a .243

    As far as twist rates I have a .243 BAR that loves 80 grain ammo. Anything 90 and above especially 100 grain I can't hold good groups. Maybe it's the gun or the Cowboy behind the gun. Supposedly the BAR is 1 in 10 twist.
  6. What's it worth??? A sore arm!!! I remember LukeDuke shooting a 20 ga. single shot when he was 8. Didn't go well. Good luck with the sale!!!
  7. DUG

    2018 AZ Pronghorn

    Way to go!!! That's a beautiful buck!!!!
  8. DUG

    2A - trophy unit?

    Nice buck! Congrats!!!!
  9. DUG

    Unit 7 antelope

    Only saw 2 does today. Most tanks have water and it is pretty green up there. The antelope are out there but sometimes hard to find. Also think powerlines.
  10. DUG

    Unit 7 antelope

    I'm going up to 7 Friday. I'll let you know if I see anything.
  11. DUG

    coyote busting dove

    Very cool. Thought he was going to go into that hole at the 1:10 mark.
  12. Did they steal something?
  13. Anywhere north and west of the 303 is open. Desert next to G$F used to be good but water supply got stopped last I heard. Best thing to do would be to go scout thursday or friday and find dove flights.
  14. Thanks! Nice to meet you today. Did you get your truck?