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  1. vitalzone


    what kind of firearms you interested in
  2. vitalzone

    This new forum layout !!!!!!!!!

    I don't like it either
  3. vitalzone

    Leica Rangemaster 1600-B, $325 tyd

    if you still have it thursday,which is payday, Ill buy it
  4. vitalzone


    good luck
  5. vitalzone

    people selling hunting spots on line....your thoughts

    My thoughts are, If you would like to respond to the issue the author of the post was asking for your opinions on, you should.
  6. vitalzone

    Remington 870 Magnum 12 guage

  7. vitalzone


    can I come look at it I'm up here in Marana
  8. vitalzone

    12' alum boat and motor

    still available
  9. vitalzone

    WTB Bow

    I have a Hoyt trykon, completely set up, 29 inch draw, 70lb. Trophy ridge pronghorn rest, my custom mafe sight, brand new archers choice string,cable. 250.00
  10. 45-70 still available?
  11. vitalzone

    2018 deer draw

    Got drawn for my third choice 33
  12. vitalzone


    still available?
  13. man I hope I drew one of the pheasent tags this year
  14. I'm in the same boat put in with two points for 12a west rifle First Choice second choice 12a West archery . Got hit for a tag, but I don't know if I got one of those or my third choice which is 33