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  1. mbiewer

    Travel Trailer Slide Out

    we just bought ours, and before I could use it,.. I noticed the slide wasn't timed right. Made the dealership fix it. But for future references, if its just a timing issue, look at you tube. Theres supposed to be different videos and how tos
  2. mbiewer

    Phoenix to sierra vista

    im going to Tucson on Saturday from gilbert....
  3. mbiewer

    Attempting to help a new young hunter

    First off... kudos to you. that's very cool of you to help foster this kids interest with partaking in the lifestyle. I grew up not being exposed to it, but a family friend took me out for the first time and tried to help me out. and the correct approach, with the hunters safety. thats even better. Try to instill the ethics right from the start.
  4. mbiewer

    Attempting to help a new young hunter

    ha ha ha... rebel rouser
  5. mbiewer

    Can you ID these two wonderful individuals in 7E?

    this thread is turning into "rutnhard" type of forum. ha ha
  6. mbiewer

    Lightning PSA

    I saw his story on fb... he had a picture and video posted. scary story.
  7. mbiewer

    Youth handgun?

    ha ha... yeah, his dad has a bow for him. But I don't know how good he is with it. We do have time for some polishing of skills. But I think his thing is wanting to shoot a pistol. I have a hand me down bow, but I don't think I have near the skills to use it for archery
  8. mbiewer

    Another Payson Question

    in ground, above ground,... a steal cattle tank... water restrictions are water restrictions.
  9. mbiewer


    how loud is it... ( You should post this in the classified section btw)
  10. mbiewer

    Another Payson Question

    Water restrictions is a good point. We took our new trailer up for its maiden voyage. And we goofed off waiting to see if it would rain on Saturday instead of kayaking. We drove into Beaver valley estates and one other spot. Payson (area) has high water restrictions. another reason to go with the forest bordered property... would suck to pay ofr a house with a pool...(or add one) and have it sit 1/2 empty for the summer when the water restrictions go into effect
  11. mbiewer

    Youth handgun?

    So, with the impending doom of decision making looming upon us for javelina... I have a question for the group. Can my 14 yr old step son partake in the HAM hunt with us. Obviously he's a minor, but what are the legalities of him carrying for a HAM hunt. --- I took him on the rifle youth hunt for his first youth hunt. We did Hunter Safety together (both required and wanted to). We helped him out, it was his hunt for sure. had buy in and shared thoughts and steered the hunt. But it was also 2 weeks before my rifle deer. Logistically speaking, it kicked my butt. It was basically pack, hunt, clean and wash all my gear, and start all over. So rather than running the risk of it happening again last year, I put him in with us in the general deer. If he can carry without either of us getting in trouble, I would like to put him in with us on the HAM.
  12. mbiewer

    Another Payson Question

    I know the spot/area... and although ive never stopped there...I have seen the hoards of people that do stop there. Having a nice creek next to, or even walking distance, would be nice...but I think if it were me, I would opt for the property next to the forest. Kids can find their own adventures in a place like that...and family trips to find somewhere to play in the water. There's more options close to that area for family swim time. And now my rant about a pool. Skip it! We bought our house in Gilbert 13 months ago. I didn't want a pool, but got out voted. We did find a nice house, with yep, a pool. Now when we were searching, the step daughter was in swim lessons, and every chance (family friends etc) she would be in the pool. Since we moved to a house with a pool... I can count how many times on one hand she was in the water this summer. And I would say in the past 13 months I would say the lady and the step son have been in the pool less than 10 times a piece. The cost of upkeep, electricity, and the time spent cleaning the neighbors leaves from my pool... I would have rather not have it.
  13. mbiewer

    Dairy farm

    How much beer can you drink, and what kind? I will contribute ha ha
  14. mbiewer


    I seen the pictures of her bruised leg on fb in a different article. --pretty bad.
  15. mbiewer

    Forum software upgrade

    All of the longer messages are cut off.... Like the page/line break is screwed up. If the messages is typed and has multiple lines, it cuts off the last words of each line