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  1. DCS

    Res vs NR Archery Deer

    Paul is a killer,and a good guy to boot.Always nice to hear from you Paul.
  2. DCS

    Elk Draw

    Just applied for antelope and elk,no problem,and I'm 69 years old.
  3. DCS

    WTB Contender barrel with scope

    14 inch like new barrel,wood forend,Burris 1 1/2x 4 variable 7x30 waters $450. I have dies,and maybe shells i would sell also.
  4. DCS

    WTB Contender barrel with scope

    I have a 7x30 waters barrel with a scope.PM me and we can talk
  5. DCS

    It's been good Arizona

    Congrats to you,neat 3x3.
  6. DCS

    The Swhack Attack Continues!

    Great video,and what a hole.Congrats to all involved.
  7. DCS

    Mule deer Rut question

    Bucks won't stay away from does with fawns,they want to see where that fawn came from. Trust me the rut is not over.Sat. was tough due to the wind.
  8. DCS

    Over the counter tags

    Anymore the G& F doesn't care about the struggling deer herd,its all about the money.
  9. DCS

    WTB Savage Lightweight Hunter

    I have the long range hunter in the 6.5 Creedmoore that I might sell.
  10. DCS

    San Carlos Desert Sheep Hunt 2020

    Whopper of a ram,Hoss you are the man.
  11. Good luck,exciting read.
  12. DCS


    It wasn't meant as a nasty comment,I was only teasing.The climate is why everyone is moving here.
  13. DCS


    Thats why you failed Az civics.Citrus and Climate were always there.
  14. DCS

    WTB Firewood

    Very generous to Boarman and Azooutdoors.I like that
  15. DCS

    G$F Fines

    Better to always stick with the truth,the judge will decide what the fine will be,and the comission will decide whether he loses his license priviledges.My father was the chief of law enforcement for the G&F in the old days,1947 -1972,and it seems as alot more of the fines etc.was negotiable back then.Losing your license for 5 years was put in place not for shooting doves without a license.It was meant for the hard core poachers that wanted to live up to their ego.The people that had total disregard for the law.I understand that the G&F has gotten away from that somewhat,I hope that the young man pays a fine and doesn't lose his license.