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  1. DCS

    STS 65 HD $1800

    Andy,did you sell your Swarovski STS 65mm spotting scope? If not I am interested in the body.Cliff
  2. DCS

    Swarovski ATS

    I will take it.I can come to Safford and pick it up or what ever you want.
  3. DCS

    PVR Cow elk in Oct. unit 10

    Take a cow with you,I am serious.Tough hunt
  4. Its a great unit ,lots of elk,they have had good moisture,you should have a great hunt.I have hunted it about 20 years ago and guided it for the past 7 years.Biggest bull we have killed was 372.Lots of bulls in the 325-340 range.Have fun
  5. DCS

    New Mexico draw results

    Headed to New Mexico,archery elk.
  6. DCS

    New to Fort Huachuca / 35A

    I didn't draw the Dec hunt last year.They were all gone on the first draw.
  7. DCS

    New to Fort Huachuca / 35A

    Trail cams are not allowed on post.
  8. DCS

    Timing chain cover

    Henry Ford was reported to have said: If it ain't leaking,it needs filling.
  9. DCS


    They don't get it,just bored as you said.
  10. DCS

    Swarovski 10x42 EL FieldPro Edition

    I am old so me too on the rollerball effect?What the heck is that?I have everything Swarovski sells and there is none better in my opinion.
  11. DCS

    FireWood for Sale, Pine or Juniper

    What is purple heart juniper?
  12. DCS

    75 years ago today

    That was a heck of a battle.
  13. Cabelas 55-70# shoot just fine.