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  1. DCS

    Nathan Ellison

    He is a great guy,his knowledge of the area is incredable,dating back to the times of indians.
  2. DCS

    Nathan Ellison

    A friend of mine ran into Nathan a few days ago up by his old ranch near Cherry Creek.If any of you have never met Nathan,you sure have missed a piece of Arizona history.He was a long time guide,blade man, ranching in 23,that spent his entire life,guiding hunters to over 400 lion,countless bear,and other animals.At age 88,what was he doing? Hunting quail.It has been a priviledge to have known you Nathan,my hat is you sir.
  3. Hey Robbie,did you get your 7mag brass?I have some once fired brass that I would give you if you came to the ranch to pick it up.Tell that brother of yours to call me as I can't get ahold of him with the number I have. Cliff 928 499 9267
  4. DCS

    Up Close & Personal

    Thats my distance!!!!
  5. I have seen Game and Fish sell capes that were tanned at their auctions of poached antlers ,and vehicles.Sometimes they were fairly resonable.100. to 300.dollars
  6. DCS

    Quiet on the Kaibab

    Great buck
  7. DCS

    Thank you

    This will be interesting to see if it is legal to sell.
  8. DCS

    Better late than never unit 3A 3C

    Go get them Phil,water is everything this year.
  9. DCS


    That my friend is a generous offer.
  10. DCS

    Outdoor Writer - Best Wishes with Medical

    Good luck Tony,thank you Boarman for bringing this to our attention.
  11. No,I never stopped applying.I would put in for rifle and muzzy.Drew a couple muzzy tags.Rifle and archery.Drew a few archery tags,but never a rifle tag.And the bad part of this was when my dad conducted the public drawing until he retired from the G+F in 1972.
  12. My last and only rifle tag was 1964.
  13. DCS

    A sad dry summer

    I was there
  14. DCS

    Another 2020 NM Pronghorn Hunt

    Lance,as always great story,great pictures good to see your wife with the crew.That way Taylor can sleep and you can visit with your wife.HaHa
  15. DCS


    dang,good blood on the ground and the arrow.All I can say is good luck.