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  1. 308Nut

    Tick Tock

    Again all joking aside, if you want to be taken seriously, you need to do a lot better. I’m not one to correct every grammatical error but your communication skills need a lot of improvement. That’s probably why so many guys are razzing you so much. I’m sorry if I poked fun at your expense. Seriously though, take a break.
  2. 308Nut

    Tick Tock

    Are you taking any English classes?
  3. 308Nut

    Tick Tock

    All joking aside, how old are you?
  4. 308Nut

    Tick Tock

    Correct. We don’t need an alternative profile to show the size of our balls. Lol!
  5. 308Nut

    Tick Tock

    I used to be part of their program. I canceled my membership sometime after that.
  6. I meant other members posts... I hope the draw happens really quick!
  7. 308Nut

    Tick Tock

    This is nothing compared to the crap show in 2004 when USO threw a wrench in the gears. Granted, that wasn’t AZGFD’s fault but they had to do a complete re-draw.
  8. It’s been entertaining so far. I’ve been needing a couple of good laughs lately.
  9. I agree. Not knowing if I killed seven deer or about seven deer would drive me insane. Too much uncertainty.
  10. 🤣 about 7 deer? Or 7 deer? Get it right. Your credibility is at stake here. I predict you will be banned again.
  11. You’ve been a member for a whopping 20 hours. You’re a noob.
  12. 308Nut

    Desert Muzzy Hunt

    I’m curious (I have little knowledge or opinion on moon phases), why do you think the first weekend’s moon phase bad? Do you think it’ll be better full or third quarter?
  13. I can’t vouch for the browning but I have the Mesa in 6.5 cm. It’s an excellent rifle. Put together very nicely. It is a tack driver with Hornady ammo.
  14. That’s what I’m using.
  15. 59.5 H4831SC under the 162 ELDM for my 280AI is one of the sweetest loads I’ve ever had in any rifle. 9–1/2 large rifle primer. Velocity is 2931’sec. You can get better velocity with other powers but the consistency and accuracy of 4831SC is phenomenal. Temp stability is good and my ESs are in single digits.