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  1. 308Nut

    Desert Muzzy Hunt

    I’m curious (I have little knowledge or opinion on moon phases), why do you think the first weekend’s moon phase bad? Do you think it’ll be better full or third quarter?
  2. I can’t vouch for the browning but I have the Mesa in 6.5 cm. It’s an excellent rifle. Put together very nicely. It is a tack driver with Hornady ammo.
  3. That’s what I’m using.
  4. 59.5 H4831SC under the 162 ELDM for my 280AI is one of the sweetest loads I’ve ever had in any rifle. 9–1/2 large rifle primer. Velocity is 2931’sec. You can get better velocity with other powers but the consistency and accuracy of 4831SC is phenomenal. Temp stability is good and my ESs are in single digits.
  5. Thank you all for your replies. I’m actually encouraged after reading these. I got my tag in the mail today. It’s been a LONG time coming. I grew up hunting coyotes, rabbits, dove, quail and deer in unit 21. I killed my first big game animal/mule deer on New River Mesa when I was 18. Bowhunted summer, fall and winter for years and prayed that someday AZGFD would offer a few December permits for mule deer after seeing so many great bucks during the winter season but never the October/November seasons. Now at 43, I have a tag that has my name, mule deer and December printed on it. While there are better hunts in AZ, the nostalgia of this just has a grip on me. Thanks again, M
  6. Game and Fish called me the other day and said a tag holder for unit 21 mule deer December 14-31 surrendered his permit and offered it to me since I would have been next in line the draw (what are the odds). I told the nice lady that I would take it. I do know that 21 isn't known as a trophy unit. I do know it is a tough unit to find and big buck in and even tougher to kill him even in December. I know that December is usually marginal for rutting activity. That said, I am not looking for a giant but would really like to take a solid 4 point. Even if its only a 150 class. It has been many years since I hunted 21. I bowhunted it religiously in the 90s and chased many GIANT bucks around 'Desert HIlls' just north of Phoenix. Not only is that area no longer 21, I'm sure land development and years of rifle hunting/archery hunting has taken a toll on the quality and number of bucks in the region. All that said, I am happy to have 18 days of longer days and warmer air away from my home where it will be dark and butt cold in December glassing up deer in the desert. I wasn't interested in another late whitetail tag, I know I'm never going to draw a strip tag. I have been trying to draw a late mulie tag since they became available. And here we are. So.....how big of a mistake did I make taking this opportunity? I'm sure 27 would have been better but I'm all in for 21 now. Are there any decent bucks left? I was considering hunting the New River Mountains area. Maybe the foothills of New River Mesa both north and south of the Mesa. What do you think? M
  7. 308Nut

    Nosler accubond LR any reviews?

    Ive had good success regarding accuracy in some rifles and not others. Ive also had good luck with weight and dimension uniformity. Yes the BCs are inflated. In all reality theyre still respectable and any self respecting long range hunter would verify its BC out of their rifle anyway. I ran the 210 in my last 300 Win. Accuracy was often in the .2s and .3s. Sometimes .4-.5. I took a mature bull elk at 600 yards through both scapulae and the middle of his spine. I retrieved the bullet from the offside hide at 100 grains. I currently run the 142 in my 6.5-284 which is currently burned out. Its the only bullet I can shoot with any reasonable accuracy in what was a phenomenal shooting barrel. Itll only do .5.-7 but all other choices offer well over a MOA. I also have used the 168 in my 280AI with great accuracy. Consistent .3-.4 I havent taken game with the 142 but I have taken a caribou and moose with the 7mm 168. Both were pass throughs but the apparent performance was more than acceptable. I havent had much luck getting sub moa in my 308s with the 190 or 168. That said efforts there havent been extensive. All in all, its one of my favorite hunting bullets. I often get criticized by other long range shooters like Im somehow a traitor to the sport because I dont support their opinions about the ABLR or their favorite almighty bullets. Like I care. Down range is all I care about.
  8. Up for sale. Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x50mm with Zero Stop. Reticle is MLR. Turrets are 0.1 MRAD. Love the scope but downsizing due to the bulk. Glass is perfect. A few minor blemished on the exterior body from normal use. Excludes the rings that are pictured. I do have the sunshade and is included. $1,500.00 USD. Includes shipping and insurance (USPS Priority). Anywhere in the USA. USA only. PayPal is OK if you cover the fees. USPS Money Order is OK. Personal check is OK but check will clear before it ships. Not interested in any trades unless it is a Leupold Mark 4 (4.5-14x40 Target) in new or close to new condition plus cash.
  9. 308Nut

    Bullet trajectory question

    Are you accounting for barometric pressure? Temperature? If you're not factoring those (among other factors), then that is likely why you're high at 800. Out to 500, these matter much less. At 800, air density matters in a very large way. Hornady's BC values for their ELD line are incredibly accurate.