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  1. jdub

    Tick Tock (sanity version)

    IGood luck gang
  2. jdub

    Tick Tock (sanity version)

    Awesome! What size cannonball?:)
  3. jdub

    Tick Tock (sanity version)

    Had to give it a shot.
  4. There, I fixed it. Starting over.... Cheers! Be normal.
  5. jdub

    Tick Tock

    And there is apparently no plan on allowing people to update their cards again due to the delay. Doesn't mean they won't do it but as of now they aren't.
  6. jdub

    Tick Tock

    Good luck gents.
  7. jdub


    Yep, sounds like it. It also tells me that they pretty much ruined unit 8 as a top tier unit from 2006. But I think we already knew that. Oh, and they're in the process of doing it to unit 1 with the increase in this and the late rifle hunts.