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  1. jdub

    A little freaked out today

    Tell me if I'm wrong, I see it this way: Not illegal to have them out as a non-hunter or a hunter. However, if you fill your tag on an animal during your season and that animal's photo was sent to you on a device from said camera after June 1 of 2019 then you may have used it to aid in that harvest of that animal...in which case you broke the law?
  2. jdub

    A little freaked out today

    So then, a question comes to mind. If I am unable to get back up to retrieve it before July what happens? What if I cancel cell service? What if I turn off the camera from here? This sucks, I wish I’d known.
  3. jdub

    A little freaked out today

    Cell Cameras are outlawed June 1? Had no idea
  4. jdub

    A little freaked out today

    I actually left 10-15 minutes past the time stamp
  5. I put up a couple cams in my unit today. One was the cellular type. I hiked down into a canyon that was very dark at the bottom. Really neat spot. Game trails leading out in 5 different directions. It’s a hub of activity. It sent me 2 pics when I got out and up to my truck and I froze. You can see my jeans in the lower right of the first pic...and the other you won’t have to look hard. I exited to the right and he was behind me. See the time stamp.
  6. jdub

    If you use trail cameras for elk......

    What the heck? That seems really early
  7. What's the earliest you set them out? Back in 2009 I had a couple out in 3a/3c in June and it was neat to see the antler growth on individual animals, but one got swiped.
  8. jdub

    January Malay Elk Rifle Hunt Advice

    No atvs. If the weather is bad, have options.
  9. jdub

    rock for trail camera security

    Funny, my biggest concern is critters using it as a den.
  10. jdub

    rock for trail camera security

    Yes, the appplications are limited. I have a tank with no trees around it. I’ll put it just below the top of the ridge pointing across the water. Side hill on a trail I drop trace minerals on. I’m trying to avoid losing more cameras hanging on trees.
  11. Found this on Amazon. This needs some fixing up but it works great. My cameraa fits perfectly. This is how it comes out of the box. I’m using 2 this year.
  12. jdub

    Another guess the score...AZ Bull

    Then you get it. How the heck could I miss by 2 feet? I practice all of the time...over and over...muscle memory and breathing. It’s like the arrow had a mind of its own. I still can’t process it. Was I not looking thru the peep? I wasn’t even shaking or geeked up. And the distance wasn’t outside of my range at all. I don’t have the “hit a branch” excuse. Flat, no wind, plenty of light, elk stopped and unaware.
  13. jdub

    Another guess the score...AZ Bull

    I jerked the shot so bad and I was sick about it. He showed up on my trail camera days later. Many days left in the hunt but I stopped hunting. I spent the rest of the time searching for him to no avail.
  14. jdub

    Another guess the score...AZ Bull

    Yes, wounded
  15. jdub

    Another guess the score...AZ Bull

    I know he wasn’t a monster bull. But he was for 11M.