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Found 10 results

  1. ~_~_~_~_~_~_~_SOLD_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~ I will update if things change. 5:00 PM MT I recently came into possession of 2 unopened boxes of Berger 195 Elite EOL . I have plenty so looking to rehome. $75/box +shipping OR local pick up (Casa Grande AZ)
  2. David bo6547

    Berger 215 hybrid 30cal needed

    Any one want to part with some Berger 215 hybrid 30 cal ill be in the valley for the weekend. Thanks

    Remington 700 6.5X284

    I have a very nice rifle for sale. This is a Remington Model 700 with a 26" Apex barrel chambered in 6.5X284. The barrel is free floated and the action is bedded on aluminum pillars in one of the most beautiful walnut stocks you will find. The rifle has a Timney trigger set at 2 lbs. and was recently re-blued in a matte finish. All work was done by Horns Custom Rifles. The scope is a Leupold Long Range 6.6-25X50 matte finish. The scope has a 30 mm tube and is mounted in Night Force light weight rings on a Seekins 20 MOA rail. Trifle has approximately 200 rounds down the barrel. This package includes: 100 once fired Lapua brass. 250 140 grain Berger Pro Hunter bullets 75 140 grain Nosler Long Range Accubonds 35 140 grain Sierra Match Kings Redding micrometer seating die RCBS FL die set $1500 Call or text 928-853-2119
  4. chuckster


    I have an unopened 1 lb bottle of Reloder 16. I bought it for load development but decided to go another route. Paid $32 I'll take $25 looks to be good for light to midwight bullets in 6.5 CM, .260 rem, 30-06, and .270 win , sized cartridges and is temp stable. Click here to learn more. Shoot me a PM if your interested. I am in Chandler.
  5. For sale is a very nice Remington Model 700 in .338 Remington Ultra Mag. This is a Sendero that was re-barreled with a Proof Carbon FIber barrel. The round count is right at 250. This rifle was built by Horns Custom Rifles and has a Seekins DBM/trigger guard, a Vais muzzle brake and an adjustable Timney trigger that is set at 2lbs. HS Precision stock w/dual palm swells. Harris adjustable bi-pod. This package includes: Redding Type S-Bushing Style Micrometer Full Sizing Dies. RCBS FL Die Set. 12 hand loaded rounds with 300 gr, Berger ELite Hunters. 20 factory loaded rounds of Nosler Trophy Grade ammo with 225 gr. Accubonds. 25 pieces of virgin Nosler brass. 40 Berger 300 gr. Elite Hunter bullets. 30 Sierra Match King 300 gr. HPBT. 1 lb of buyers choice Reloader 33 or H-1000 powder. This rifle shoots very well with both Reloader 33 and H-100 powder. I prefer heavy slower bullets but you can step it up with the lighter bullets if you wish. There are two studs in the stock fore end and the fiberglass stock material is crackled around the rear-most stud. This does not affect the integrity of the stud (see attached photo). I am selling this rifle in order to pay my bill at Western Precision. $2800 Call or text 928-853-2119
  6. H4831SC 8#- $200 1#- $25 Both unopened ~~Make Reasonable Offer On Following Items~~ L.E. Wilson Adjustable Case Gauge Hornady 30 Cal Neck Size Die Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension 2 Die Set 300 Win MAg Hornady 300 Win Mag Cases (Brass)- 25 count Barnes 175 GRLRX BT- 41 count Berger VLD Hunting 30 Cal 190 Grain- 29 count Berger Classic Hunter 30 Cal 168 Grain- 97 count Located in North East Mesa. Call or text is best, I'm not on here everyday. Thanks! 480-216-8928
  7. pwrguy

    Berger .30 CAL 210 VLD

    I have a open 500 count box of Berger VLD hunting bullets for sale. I think I used between 6 and 10 of them, so it is almost a full box. $180.00. PM me or call at 92ate4svn482three5. Please don't call after 8 PM or before 7 AM. Lowered price, looking for cash face to face deal.
  8. Mathews Conquest C4 with Mini Max cams!!! Limbdriver rest, string suppressor, and small G5 peep Solid great shooting bow, great hunting bow as well as target and much faster with these Mini Max cams. 28.5" draw approx now and I believe goes to around 65lbs with these cams. $300 5- Boxes 7mm Berger Hybrid 180's $35 ea. Will trade a couple boxes for 180 Vld hunting bullets Text me for more info or pics 623.9103753 Will post on multiple sites so first I'll take it gets it and I'll answer in order I receive them.
  9. I have a really great looking/great shooting rifle that unfortunately I have to sell . It is a Cooper Jackson Game chambered in 280 Ackley Improved (2 years old, 1 hunting season of use). It has several upgrade options that I added when I ordered the gun; upgraded wood to AAA+ Claro Walnut, checkered bolt knob, fluted barrel, spiral fluted bolt, Inlayed swivel studs. The pictures don't do it justice. Cooper has a 1/2" guarantee at 100 yards and it easily meets that standard. The action on these rifles are slick, slick, slick. If you handload it shoots the Berger 168 VLD, Barnes 120 TTSX, 145 LRX and 168 LRX very well. If you don't like those bullets I'm sure whatever you do like to shoot it will handle fine. If you don't reload Nosler makes factory ammo in 280 AI or you can shoot factory 280 Rem ammo through it just fine (I tried the Barnes Vor-Tx 140 TTSX 280 REM and it was accurate). I took great care of it, overall condition is "like new". I am including Redding dies. Check it out let me know what you think. Message me if you want more pictures or have questions. I'm asking $2,850...it cost me much much more lol desperate times
  10. This weekend's hunt couldn't come fast enough. I'm a full time student at ASU and I also work full time so I couldn't wait to get out in the field with my dad and my brother. Special thanks to my wife for her understanding and support. With 3 crazy boys and newborn baby girl at home she deserves a get away more than I do, but she still supported me in going on this hunt. Opening morning came and we were sitting on our predetermined glassing point trying to stay warm against the brutal wind. We waited for it to get light and started picking apart the hills. By 9 am we had seen 12 does but no bucks. The three bucks we had seen Thursday night were no where to be found. There were a lot of other hunters in the area so we decided to head back to camp around noon and devise a new plan for the afternoon. We decided to go to another area that we thought would have no other hunters and we have seen lots of deer on previous hunts. We arrived at the spot, parked and hiked in the one mile to our glassing point. We sat down and got the binos set up at just after 3 pm. After about two minutes my dad said he had a deer and it was a buck. We looked him over for a few minutes as he fed and milled around. My dad asked me if I wanted to go shoot him. I was more than happy to oblige. My brother and I emptied our packs and began our stalk of just under a mile. My dad stayed put to keep track of him. My brother and I were in position of the now bedded buck by 4:00. We had to wait almost and hour for the deer to get up. This is my view as we waited for him to stand up. And here he is after. 358 yards. .270 shooting 150 grain Berger VLD. We hiked out in the dark and got back to camp at about 7:30 Friday night. This is my 7th coues buck and a lot of luck helped me tag him. (Like most hunts, but this made this buck my lucky number 7) Saturday morning we went to a completely different area and new to us. We have always wanted to scout this massive canyon but never had the chance so we decided to hunt it. It took us over an hour to hike up to the top to be able to glass. We found a doe and a fawn before moving down the ridge a little to get a new angle on the canyon. After about an hour we moved one more time. After about 20 minutes I glassed up a buck across the canyon. My brother and I again prepared for the stalk and my dad stayed put to keep an eye on him. My brother put the hurt on him with his .270, 150 grain Berger at 388 yards. Lets just say once we had moved into position we were pleasantly surprised with the size of this buck. My buck scores 88 and my brothers taped out at 112. Clay at Mogollon Taxidermy aged him at about 8 years old. We had a great time as always. My brother and dad will be going back out looking for a buck for my dad.