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Guess the Score Contest - Nov 09

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Well, yet again we have another outstanding buck for a Guess the Score contest. Thanks to Scott Adams for letting us use his buck and for patiently withholding the score of his buck for awhile :).


If you haven't read the story on his hunt, yet, you can do so here:




You need to guess the GROSS score (so all inches of antler and spread before any deductions). This buck has one nontypical point which I have pointed out with an arrow to help you see it.


If you want information on how to score or to download a spreadsheet to help you calculate score, visit:




Good luck to everyone. Prizes will go to the top 10 guessers who are closest (either high or low) to the actual gross green score. Prizes will include your choice of CouesWhitetail.com tshirt or a hunting DVD or book.


You have until Nov 14 at 5 pm to get your guesses in.


Please try not to guess the same as anyone else has and make your guess within the nearest 1/8 of an inch.


For those few that I told an estimated score to by text, you can still play because I didn't give out the actual score.





here are the pics (if you want more pics, there are some in the hunt story thread linked above):







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I'm going with BIG! :D



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123 1/8-


Great buck Scott - The side view is fantastic along with the Width... That is one W-I-D-E buck!





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I can't get enough pictures of that buck! I love looking at him!


My guess will be 122 5/8".


Thanks for putting him on the ground Scott!

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My guess is 124 3/8 ......

Wow whatta buck ! As usual I hunted the entire hunt . Leaving camp before sunup and returning after dark each day . I took and used My Brunton 10x50s extensively and My Spotting scope even more . Saw nothing and got the same... AGAIN . The grey ghosts are indeed that ! My nephew Justin while on the same hunt Arrived on Tuesday am took off on his quad at 6:30 am and returned to where I was setup at 8:15 with his 5x3 Coues Whiteail buck .

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