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TLO BULLS from the last couple of months.

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To the request of several friends here on the site I am posting the bulls that we have been blessed to be a part of so far this season. We have been busy and havent been around the PC much for the past several months so I am sorry these are comming a little late.

The rut was as most already know, somewhat uneventfull. Still, we got shots at a couple of our biggest bulls. But they got away with dead end blood trails, leaving us scratching our humble heads, but we were able to take some great bulls just the same. We hunted with a great bunch of guys and made memories and friendships to last a lifetime! Priceless!


I hope you enjoy the pictures of these beautifull animals! There just isn't room enough to relay all the wonderfull stories of each day in the field scouting and hunting these amazing elk with amazing friends!


First Matt took his awesome nontypical bull while hunting with Jake.




Then Howard took the bull we called "Slick"! His nephew Ross hit a twig and missed this bull a couple of days before while hunting with me. Then a couple of days later Howard had his chance at him and made it happen while hunting with Jon and I.




Then Ross and I were able to take this bull a few days later




I want to add that befor Ross took his bull he was able to arrow this beautifull bobcat that I called in! Awesome shootin Ross!



After that came Carmel and his bull! A late night and long pack out for a great bull and a great guy!



Then came Norden and the 6x7 he took with Jon and I. Congrats and way to get it done Jon and Norden! You earned it!




After that it was off to no mans land for a hunt with Chuck and Sam! Chuck is Sam's Grandfather. Chuck lives in NY and Sam lives in TX. Chuck has made a grand effort to make sure his grandson is introduced to the outdoors!

They drew a "Limited Opportunity Hunt" for elk here in AZ, and this hunt was to be 13 year old Sam's first big game hunt!


The first one to draw blood was Sam with a nice 5X! Congrats Sam on your first big game animal!




Then his Grand dad Chuck was able to take this beautiful bull on their Limited Opp hunt! Congrats to both of you!




Then the most recent! Jon and Larry headed to Colorado where Larry took this awesome Colorado public land 6x6 bull!


Congrats on an awesome public land Colorado bull Larry!


And of course every sunrise and every sunset to every beautifull day in the field was absolutly priceless! Thank you everyone!




There were a few more elk in there and I will share them on another thred dealing with the "Awesome Youth Hunters" we are so blessed with! And look out for a mule deer recap post as well!




Lance and Carrie Crowther

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Ross and Howard's bulls look VERY similar. looks like fun.


nevermind. see the change. awesome bulls.

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Lance, outstanding stories and pictures for sure. You never seem to amaze me on the quality of the animals you have taken for you clients. My hat is off to your organization and thanks for sharing your success with us all. There is no delt you have put in alot of hard work and time to see that your clients get what they pay for. Again thanks for sharing with us all here at coueswhitetail.com. :)





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Congrats on a good season and good luck to you, your guides and hunters for the rest of the upcoming seasons.

Slick sure has pretty horn curvatures. Howard must still be smiling.



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Those are some great bulls and good stories. Congrats to you and your hunters. Also those are all very good pictures because you make each one look like the trophy they are instead of "just a bull". some times it is hard to portray how much of a trophy you got with just one picture and one line but you did them all justice.


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Congrats to you and your clients. Those are some great bulls.

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