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  1. Basser15

    Kodiak Sitka Trip

    Man that trip looks awesome! You're making me think that I should be taking my bow with me next year
  2. Basser15

    Girls Trip

    My wife and I took our two oldest girls out this weekend for their deer hunt. My oldest is 13 now and in the past has had some very unfortunate luck when it comes to deer hunts. Thankfully this year it all came together for her and she was able to take this awesome buck at 348 yards. The weekend before I set up our steel target at 350 yards for them because to me that's about the distance most coues hunts come together, and wouldn't you know that would be the distance that this buck stood up and was feeding in front of us. Mama and I were pretty stoked for her and she was about as excited as a 13 year old gets over things these days! Those smiles say it all.
  3. Basser15

    My son's first deer

    Awesome deer....congrats!
  4. Basser15

    Dream Buck

    I got to play the spot and stalk game on some other fantastic deer the first 3 days of the hunt and had some missed opportunities for one reason or another. I'd zig and they would zag. On Day 4 I was sitting water as we had this buck patterned to come in every third day either at 6:30am or 6:30 pm. On this day he came in at 6:30 pm and gave me a 35yard shot on the drinker. If you notice the stripped velvet on his antlers, that is due to him running full steam in to the barbed wire fence that surrounded the catchment following the shot. It ended up being a little further back than I was planning on but we were able to recover him the next morning.
  5. Basser15

    Dream Buck

    Well after 20 years of applying I was able to hunt the famed Strip this year. It turned out to be everything that I would have hoped for and came home with a buck of a lifetime. Can't thank my buddies at Shadow Valley Outfitters for helping put in the leg work prior to the season starting when I couldn't be up there. Now that I got this out of the way I can get back to hunting Coues 😀
  6. Basser15

    First Time Mexico Coues Hunt DIY

    Awesome hunt right there
  7. Awesome bucks! Mexico is a special place
  8. Basser15

    Super Raffle tag buck...

    That sounds like a legitimate public land hunt to me. Change my mind. And I hope it is a hybrid....how cool would that be? A big deer that is even more rare due to it being a hybrid makes it more of a trophy in my book. It also legal to take with a whitetail tag in your pocket. And reading through your comments it sounds like there is a close relation between you and "Ben" so you have a horse in this race that lost. Hence the name calling, accusations, etc. Life is too short man and there are many more deer on the hills to get all worked up over one of them. Guides are Guides who make a living doing this and I can guarantee you that guys like Mr Adams and the others that have been in this game a long time don't give a rats butt about what CJohnson, Basser, or any other people in the interwebs think about it. But I am glad to see that Hunting Forum debates can still rage on behind screen names like the good ol days! Thought these were going by the wayside when IG and Facebook took over!
  9. Basser15

    Daughters first deer

    This past weekend my 10 year old had her first ever deer hunt and she did awesome! Think her highlight was being allowed to drive the Ranger on her own (which she did for hours around camp) but mine will be seeing her take her first deer with my wife and I next to her. She had to work through some gun shyness that developed prior to the season starting but we took a couple steps back and built her back up.
  10. Basser15

    1st buck for Camm

    Awesome job!
  11. Basser15


    My buddy has the same issue and the Minox were his best option until the new Swaro HD's came out. The Swaro HD's fit his narrow eyes just fine...
  12. Basser15

    Heat's 7W Archery Bull Elk Hunt

    Cool bull man...congrats!
  13. Basser15

    Junior tag filled!

    Congrats on a great buck! Your "kid" looks like he can bench bress more than I can....
  14. Basser15

    My boys got it done!!

    Sweet! Congrats to all of you.
  15. Basser15

    Early Rifle Success

    Probably one of the most fun I've had on a hunt. Thanks for letting me tag along and congrats on a great bull.