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  1. I have 5 boxes (same lot) of "brand new"- but pretty old Remington Kleanbore Express 117g Core-lockt loaded ammo. Each box has 20 rounds (100 rounds total) As you can see in the pictures, these are very fine shape vintage boxes and would go well with someones collection of an old 257. I think the first time any of these boxes were even opened was last night when I took this picture. I would like to sell the whole lot together for $150. Cabela's and Sportsman's sells the modern version of this for $30/box, same as what I'm asking for here, though it seems they are perpetually out of stock. More than selling these, I would be open to trades, I'm looking for the following: 257 Roberts brass (R-P, REM-UMC, or W-W), 220 Swift brass (Hornady, R-P, or W-W), 280 AI brass (nosler) 162Gr Hornady A-max 0.284 cal 60 gr Nosler Partitions 0.224 cal 110 gr Nosler AB 0.25 cal Let me know what you have! -Sam
  2. coyotekid

    bullets for sale or trade

    Updated list
  3. coyotekid

    bullets for sale or trade

    The 6mm bullets are gone pending a trade tomorrow. I still have a few boxes of junk to sift through, I will post more misc. reloading stuff as I get to it. Thanks,
  4. coyotekid

    Warn Winch M8274

    Sorry these aren't the greatest pictures, but you get the idea, its all there. Please ask if you have questions, I am happy to answer.
  5. coyotekid

    Warn Winch M8274

    I have for sale or for trade a Warn Winch Model M8274. This is one of their oldest most reliable models. I have had this winch on an older truck of mine for about 15 years. It shows normal sings of age (color fade and few nicks) but it is in overall great shape and should provide many many more years of recovery. I am selling/trading to get a smaller and lighter winch for my Tacoma. Take note that this has more cable (150') and faster line speed than most their other models. This is a great winch, I wish it fit my new bumper. I will post some pictures of the actual winch soon but here is the specs from Warns website: https://www.warn.com/truck/winches/src/M8274-50.shtml I should also mention, I am in Flagstaff, AZ, but I am in Prescott and Phoenix every so often. I don't really think shipping this is a grand idea, as it weighs about 100lbs and would probably need to be pallet shipped. I have the remote, roller fairlead, and winch cover that will go with this winch also. I am looking to trade a for Warn M8000-s or M8000. I also will entertain trades for a camper shell to fit an 05/newer Tacoma long bed (silver preferred) or if you have something interesting to trade, just ask. worst I can say is no. I will sell the winch outright as well for $650. I about fell out of my chair when I looked up how much these were new, ~$1,800!! yikes. Thanks for looking, Sam
  6. coyotekid

    bullets for sale or trade

    Hello there, I have several boxes and partial boxes of reloading bulets to sell or trade. The list: 6mm/243 Speer 75gr hollow point 140 ct. Traded 6mm/243 Speer 105gr Spitzer 100ct. Traded 6mm/243 Winchester 100gr spire point 100ct Traded 7mm/284 nosler 150gr solid base 100ct. Unopened box .30 cal hornady 168gr spire point 80ct. .30 cal. Sierra 168 gr internationals 40ct. .38/.357 speer 145gr wadcutters I also have a Lyman Powder scale I dont need either. Make an offer or let me know what you have to trade. Make me an offer or pm me with trades. I'm looking for the following: 223 rem dies 220 swift dies .224 Barnes tsx 62gr .30 cal hornady A-max 208gr 6.5mm/.264 hornady A-max 129 gr or other gr. 270 nosler ballistic tips 130gr 6mm hornady A-max 105gr Reloader 22 powder Retumbo powder H335 powder H380 powder H1000 Leupold vari x iii or ii scopes Thanks for looking Sam
  7. coyotekid

    unit 9 and 10 info?

    I pm d you.
  8. coyotekid


    I will listen to reasonable offers and trades. Thanks.
  9. I have a pair of 98% new Hardscrabble hikers size 11 mens. I got them about 6 months ago and wore them about 8 miles in two days. They are just too wide for my skinny foot, (they are a standard D/E width) I have just been putting off the inevitable of selling these to buy different ones. I will put up a picture tonight, but you know what they look like, they are leather hiking boots! I don't remember exactly what I paid but their website says $345 for a new pair, these ones are pretty dang new. How about $225, PM me and we can talk. If I am way off on my asking price. again. PM and we can talk. Thanks Sam
  10. coyotekid

    35A first ever coues buck

    That is a stud of a first buck. Sorry you had to sell your bow, but still sounds like you had a good year. Sam
  11. coyotekid

    Unit 1 Archery Bull

    SWEET. I love big 5 by's! And as for your friend, you are lucky to have a friend good enough to just tell you the way it is and then be big enough yourself to take his words, change your attitude end get other done! Great write up. Thanks. Sam
  12. coyotekid

    Frank THE Tank!!!

    That Bull is a STUD! I love the matching kickers on the 4's, He doesnt look to be broken at all! congrats.
  13. coyotekid

    What broadhead do you use?

    +1 I shot a deer last month with T3's @90 yards he went about 80 yards to die, he was quartering away and I got full penetration and a huge cut, Last week I shot my bull with the same set up at 72yards. same quartering shot and same great penetration and cut size, that bull went even less distance. I havent shot alot of animals with a bow but it seams to me that what ever is sharp and pointy and shoots the best out of your bow is the greatest broadhead. If you can make the good shot, a dull, not so pointy one would probably work just fine. I mean indians shot rocks at animals! sam