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Guess the Score of this Nontypical buck

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This is a pick-up head that a worker of mine found last year and I thought it would make a great Guess the Score contest.

He isn't all that into deer, so he gave me the rack! Nice!


You are guessing GROSS score (the total inches before any deductions). To enter the contest, just post what you think is the Gross score of this buck in this thread. Guesses must be posted by Aug 18 at 5 pm. Don't forget to notice the kicker on the right antler.


I would also like to introduce Western Whitetail. Western Whitetail is a blog, online magazine and soon to be online TV show that is dedicated to giving hunters a ton of info about hunting whitetail in the Western US. Their magazine has many hunt stories as well as tips, techniques and product reviews.


You can enter to win a great cooler by signing up to receive their newsletter. There is info on the cooler giveaway on page 4 of the latest issue of their magazine:



Western Whitetail has graciously donated a Cuddeback Capture IR 5MP trail camera as first prize for this Guess the Score Contest. Thank you Western Whitetail! Western Whitetail was created by a member of the CW.com forum (Darren Choate) along with his business partner Troy Bix. You can see they have a true appreciation for Coues hunting by seeing all the Coues stories in their magazine. Check out their website:




Western Whitetail is also donating a hoodie and a hat with their logo on it as a prize. Don't forget to sign up for their newsletter so you can be entered in the cooler drawing which is scheduled for Aug 15, so sign up soon!


The 5 people who guess closest to the actual score will win a prize. 1st place is the trail camera, 2 place is the Western Whitetail hoodie and hat, and 3rd-5th place will be CW.com tshirts.




















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