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  1. Dave Price

    For Sale Winchester 1892 Copy El Tigre

    Needs the "Rifleman" large ring lever!
  2. Dave Price


    Same at Food City.
  3. Dave Price

    Whatcha Lissnin to?

    Bad News!
  4. Dave Price

    Bullies of the range! Well written!

    Went scouting in 3C today, saw one elk and about 50 horses. Need to remove them!
  5. Dave Price

    Turkeys gobbling

    Are the roads open up on the rim?
  6. Dave Price

    Possible To Be Allergic To Only Bass?

    Sounds like me and Pollack, the fish in fish sticks & paddys.
  7. Dave Price


    What choke(s)?
  8. Dave Price

    Hunting Rig

  9. Dave Price

    Remington 700 CDL Classic 30/06

  10. Dave Price

    John McCain

    Ducey Knows Kyl wont run. I bet Ducey wants it.
  11. Dave Price

    Playing Possum?

    Was it in Arizona?
  12. Dave Price


    it rained in Tucson yesterday. I got hit by 5 rain drops from one small cloud.Wow!Thats a lot of rain. Hope there was no flooding That's an Arizona 3 inch rain fall! 3 inches between the drops.
  13. Dave Price

    Recipes for Beef Short Ribs ?

    We mixed up a batch for tomorrow, overnight marinade.
  14. Dave Price

    fance/gate builders

    I used Sunset Gates in Chandler.
  15. Dave Price

    Bad Neighbor

    I had one a few years ago, every dove season would put dove carcass's in his trash can.