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This years unit 8 buck

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My dad and mom came over from NM to hunt with me again this year and I brought my younger (9) daughter along for the weekend. We weren't seeing anything at all in the areas that I have seen a good numbers in past years. All the deer we saw taken in camps were small spikes and 1 4 point. On sunday I had to take my girl back so she could go to school and missed the evening hunt. Next day we headed down to Pine Flats. Talked to a young guy that had killed one of the best that we had seen, boy was he happy about it too. It was great to see a guy that happy since we were a getting a little discouraged.

We headed a little more south and hiked into some thicker stuff still in the pines. About 100 yards from the truck this buck jumps up and runs in front of us broadside. He was about 40 yards or so and I took my shot. I fired another as he ran and then he disappeared from sight. My dad was to my left where the buck had come from and he went towards where the buck was when I shot. I headed to the right thinking I might be able to see him again. I get about 15 yards and my says " he's here!" . I can't see him and again my dad says he's here, he's down.

I never had a lot of confidence in my own fast off hand shooting but this sure helps me feel better about it. I say the first shot got him and dad says he hunched up a little when I fired the second, guess it doesn't matter to the deer.

I have loved this unit for years but it sure seems over hunted these days. Side by sides are everywhere and the number of tags seems high. Anyway here is my buck. He will get a full skull euro mount.



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