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Please welcome Owens Armory as a new sponsor! Great custom rifles!

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Hey All!


I am happy to announce Owens Armory as our latest sponsor. Owens Armory was started by Nick Owens in 2015 and is based out of Chino Valley. They sell custom rifles and optics. These guys are serious about long range shooting and as their logo states they have a "sickness for distance"!


Here is what owner Nick Owens told me when I asked him about his business, "We not only build guns, but we have been shooting them for a long time and traveling the country competing on a national level. We love answering questions and getting new guys started. I can safely say I have shot over 7500 rounds or more thew a bolt gun last year alone. We love what we do and it truly is our passion. I have now slowed down the last year and am going to focus back into hunting. And our goal is to put a Owens Armory rifle in the hands of some of the best hunters in the state and what

better place to start than CWT!"
And speaking of the best hunters in the state....most of you know Josh Epperson (aka Grong). He LOVES the Owens Armory rifle they built for him and he recently sent me a photo of it...



here are some more pics of Owens Armory guns





















And some customer testimonials


Jeremy wrote, “ I called and talked to nick about rebarreling a shot out Remington
700 for a upcoming match. Sent the rifle in and had it back in a week. Very fast
service. Thanks again"
Mike said, “Owens Armory built a sub half moa 7 saum for me and I cannot rave
enough on the customer service I received from the team. This lightweight rifle is
extremely accurate and the quality has been flawless."
Jon wrote, "I really enjoy my new owens armory 6.5 creedmoor. Thank you tomas
and nick for such attention to detail and completion in such a timely manner.
They made me a customer for life."



AND you can get 10% off if you mention you saw them on CouesWhitetail.com

From Nick, "Mention they found us on cwt and receive 10% off any custom rifle work worth
over $2000..valid until February 28. Excludes optics, but we will offer 5% on any optics
ordered through us."
So if you are serious about long range shooting and custom rifles, you owe it to yourself to give Nick a call and see what he can build for you! Nick's phone number is 928-925-8608, email nick@owensarmory.com
they are on Facebook too: https://www.facebook.com/owensarmory/
Their website is down until February, but here is the link anyway
here is a link to a company video
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Thank you Amanda and hope to do future work with other members!

Do you do bolt fluting ?

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Do you re-barrel Howa / Vanguard actions?

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Do you re-barrel Howa / Vanguard actions?

Yes we do


Its hard to find a good smith to re-barrel these since the action threads are metric.

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Welcome to cwt and thank you for signing up as a sponsor. :)



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I was able to have Owens build me a 6.5 Creedmoor a few months back. This was my first custom rifle build and to be honest with you I was very nervous, that is until I was able to stop by the shop and discuss what I was looking for. The guys were able to set me up, and knocked my build out of the park. The turn around was crazy fast, and I could not have been happier with the outcome. Thanks Owens Armory.

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