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Sig 2400ABS vs G7 BR2?

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Quoted from the "Hide" reviews...

• Embedded Applied Ballistics Elite with bullet database and support for G1/G7 and AB Custom Drag curves. Users can choose CDM or G1/G7 when profile building.
• AB Ballistics Engine: Most accurate ballistic solver on the market. Trusted by professionals.
• Aerodynamic Jump, Spin Drift, & Coriolis Effect are all calculated in the system (Embedded sensors adjust for this in real time).
• Temperature, pressure and humidity sensors for real-time environmental inputs to the embedded ballistic calculator and the ability to train for muzzle velocity shift with temperature shift.

The 2400BDX does not have the above mentioned sensors and has the AB Lite ballistic solver built in which limits you to only 800yds and no custom drag curves (when not used with a Kestrel Elite), BUT the one trick the 2400BDX can do that the 2400ABS can't (as of now) is communicate with a Kestrel Elite another words it can automatically send the range to a Kestrel and then the Kestrel can/will calculatethe firing solution. 

If I already had a Kestrel Elite and didn't already have a LRF I would probably go with the 2400BDX and use it with the Kestrel now if Sig updates the firmware on the 2400ABS and lets it also communicate with a Kestrel I would maybe go that route.


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