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Evan T

2020 Javelina

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I got my 2020 javelina on January 20th during Fort Huachucas archery javelina hunt. I had hunted every weekend and free day all month without seeing any javelina. I had been hunting areas that had produced javelina for me before, usually glassing from dawn to dusk. All the areas I was hunting had javelina sign in them, but I just couldn’t find them. I was beginning to think I wouldn’t fill my tag this year.

After glassing all morning in a spot where I had taken a javelina every year for the past three years, and still seeing nothing, I decide to try something different. Two years ago I had been predator calling in a place a few miles away and called in some javelina. I decided to quit what I was doing and go check out that spot.

The spot was near a pond in an area that seemed like a good bedding area. I set up on the north side of the pond and started blowing on a predator call. After a few minutes I saw a lone javelina in the brush on the other side of the pond. He kept coming closer and stopped on the far edge of the pond. He stopped just outside of my comfortable range so I decide not to take a shot. He milled around for a little bit and then left.

I tried to follow after him but had to give up because the brush was too thick to stalk trough. I headed back to my spot on the north side of the pond. I waited around for a while contemplating my next move feeling disappointed.

Just then I spotted something moving in the brush on the other side of the pond. It was a lone javelina coming around the east side of the pond and heading north. When he disappeared from view I nocked an arrow and headed in his direction hoping to intercept him. I hadn’t moved very far when he popped up less than 10 yards in front of me. He froze looking in my direction as I fumbled with my release trying to hook it to my bow string. After what seemed like a long time I hooked my string and drew my bow. Just as he started to leave I put an arrow in him and he dropped a few feet away.

I’m pretty sure this was the same javelina I had called in earlier. He weighed 38 lbs dressed and is the first boar javelina I’ve ever taken. I thank God that I was able to take this animal after a long hunt that I didn’t think would work out. When what you usually do isn’t working don’t be afraid to try something new.       







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Great job!!!!  Success after a long hard fight is very sweet!!

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Congrat, sounds like a great hunt!

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