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I'm Still Alive -- barely

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After a month+ of adventure for severe pneumonia at Arrowhead Abrazo Hospital (2+ weeks)and the Center at Arrowhead rehab facility (another 2+ weeks), I finally got discharged Sat. afternoon. I've been playing catch up ever since with more than 250 unread emails, etc.


Short version of long story: The pneumonia is supposedly gone, but all the time in bed with no activity to speak of did a terrible disservice to my body. I'm just now getting to being able to stand a bit. All of my moving for the time being is with the aid of a wheelchair or a walker, however.


Thanks for the "well wishes" from everyone. That's it for now.

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Crazy, glad you are better.


Did you get tested for the COVID 19? 

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That really stinks Tony but I am glad to hear you are on the road to recovery. At my doctors advice I got the pneumonia shot and followed up a year later with the booster shot. 

I find it ironic that when we are born they give us vaccinations for all kinds of stuff then when we get old they want us to get ones for stuff like shingles, pneumonia etc.

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