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Muzzleloader Madness

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Here is the rest of the story yesterday Lance Jim and myself worked our way into an area that we can glass.

Lance glasses 2 bulls early in the morning at a mile away we looked around the other area and could not find any other bulls that were worth pursuing.

Lance made the call that we were going to make our move to a bench that we thought if we could get to we can make a shot. As we are approaching the area we got to about 1500 yards and started the glass and I was able to pick up one of the two bulls that we spotted earlier this morning he was a nice main framed 6 x 6 but had been broken off between his fifth and six point a definite shooter for this time of year just about at that time we starting to see more elk come into the same canyon where we recently saw the two bulls.

At this point Lance said it’s time to make out move and get to that next bench we proceeded to get into position on the next bench when Jim my guide spotted a huge bull coming over the ridge. He radioed into us “guys I just spotted a monster bull coming over the top of the ridge bigger than anything we’ve seen” at that point we worked in to the ridge. 
Suddenly we heard a huge bugle shortly there after Lance picked up cows moving through the timber. After then hunt Lance mentioned after the bugle he knew we were in the middle of the elk because we had a bugle the right and cows to our left.

At that point Lance got me into position on the shooting sticks and we watched cows pass through shortly there after Lance says there’s a bull get ready.

I’m in my shooting lane, my crosshairs on the bull and Lance says don’t you shoot. I was thinking in the back of my mind that was a good 5 x 5 that we just let walk away.

Lance said to me “Tim there’s bigger bulls in here “, at that point we move down the ridge and Lance to stops and says “there’s of shooter bull right there behind a pine tree “. He was in the thick pine looking at us. At that point I turned the scope up to 15 power and started looking for holes in the trees.

I was able to find one lane on the bull he stepped out in a small hole. I had a shot Lance stopped the bull and BOOM!

 I made the shot.

I want to thank Lance, Jim, Weston and all of the Timberland Outfitters crew for an amazing hunt and a bull of a lifetime




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