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    My best ND whitetail!

  2. 57.8 grains of reloader 22, federal large magnum primers, Nosler brass Weatherby vanguard series 1
  3. Ive been trying to find the time to write this up and just havent had the chance. Here is the summary: New spot on opening day, Dad and Brother tagged out on a double at 518 yards. Saturday, went into a spot looking for a couple big bucks we had located. It is big, nasty and unforgiving country but we found one of the bucks about 8:00 am. He bedded quickly and my brother and I went over there to find him. We finally got repositioned and set up 2 1/2 hours later, again steep and big canyon country. We spent 5 hours on that ridge and found multiple smaller bucks and does but couldnt turn up the big one. We started the long hike out at 3:00 pm, stopping to glass on the way. As we approached the bottom of a ridge before diving into a big cut, a buck jumped up and topped the opposite ridge line at 70 yards. I made a mad dash to that spot (falling twice- I still have cactus in my hand, haha) and start scanning the ridges in front of me. My brother and I spot the buck at the same time. I kneel down and squeeze one off just as he tops the next ridge. I heard the shot connect and my brother saw the buck turn down hill and crash into some brush. We found him a few yards from there. He was 292 yards in the opposite direction of the rhino. Packed him out in the dark. Not the biggest buck but exciting for sure.
  4. loco4coues

    Pretty Cool buck

    Great job! Sweet looking buck!
  5. loco4coues

    Nosler accubond LR any reviews?

    .270 Winchester, 150 grain Nosler ABLR: Bull elk- 1025 yards- broke shoulder going in, both lungs, broke shoulder going out, found bullet in off side hideDRT Bull elk- 800 yards, DRT Bull elk- 275 yards, DRT Bull elk- 525 yards, DRT Coues deer- 810 yards, DRT Coues deer- 701 yards, DRT Coues deer- 750 yards, DRT Coues deer- 910 yards, DRT Coues deer- 518 yards, DRT Coues deer- 508 yards, DRT 3 javelina- 300 yards and closer, DRT Definitely need to play with the loads, powders, distance from the lands, etc (like any load), but once you find the sweet spot they shoot great. All of the above data is from my brother and Dad, observed in person. I still shoot 150 gr Berger VLD that my .270 really likes.
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    Late rifle who's getting ready?

    3 tags over here for the second hunt in 22N, cant wait!
  7. loco4coues

    Successful youth hunt- Unit 22

    Tanners buck all cleaned up and sitting next to his buck from last year for a comparison. Such a fun and exciting hunt!
  8. Beauty! Wish I was in the market!
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    Successful youth hunt- Unit 22

    My son Tanner (15) and my nephew, Zach (13) were lucky enough to draw the Unit 22 any antlered deer tag. The boys were excited and so were their fathers. We divided the available time we had between scouting trips and shooting trips. The boys were shooting well and we discussed repeatedly the importance of controlling their breathing and slowly squeezing the trigger to ensure hits on target. Scouting trips had not yielded many deer but we had located two unique bucks that we decided would be our targets for opening day. The bucks we coues deer and each sported a typical 3 point frame on one side and a spike and drop club points, respectively, on the other side. At first light on Thursday morning (day before the opener) we were in position, perched above the saddle and bowl that our target bucks frequented. After only a few minutes behind the glass, my brother located the two bucks as one of them stood from his bed. The bucks fed below is at just over 400 yards and as the sun rose the bucks fed to the west and into the thick brush and shade. We were excited to have located the bucks but I was a little apprehensive regarding our plan of attack. If the bucks cooperated and reappeared where they had been this morning, then they would be in a good position for us to close the distance and get a shot. If the bucks did not reappear in the saddle or in the bowl then we would not be able to see them from our vantage point. The rest of the day yielded a few does and fawns. With no better options we planned to be sitting above the saddle on opening morning. Long story short, the bucks did not appear. We moved locations and attacked that area from multiple angles and vantage points but to no avail. Only does and a massive mountain lion were located. The lion was on the move and over a mile and a half away. We called a buddy and after discussing some options, we decided to hike off the mountain and go to another location for the evening hunt. Several hours later and in a completely different part of the unit, we found ourselves driving into some great country that we had not hunted for a few years. We were excited as this area holds both mule deer and coues deer and we hoped that would increase our odds. We had not yet parked the truck, when my dad spotted some deer on a nearby ridge. We scrambled from the truck, grabbed binos, packs and guns and worked our way down the ridge to sit down and relocate the deer. I quickly spotted two mule deer bucks across the ravine. One bedded and another feeding only yards away. The bucks were ranged at 425 yards. We got the boys set up and were hoping for a double. Tanner shot first at the feeding buck and missed just high over his back. Zach took a deep breath and hammered the bedded buck; the buck never stood up. Tanner fired two more shots at the standing buck before he slowly moved over the ridge top. The excitement and adrenaline rush was high. Tanner was disappointed but also excited for his cousin for making such a great shot. While taking care of Zachs buck and hiking back to the truck we all told Tanner stories of the many times we had missed bucks and our other silly mistakes. We assured him he would have another chance and that he would make it happen when the chance came. The next morning we circled way around and positioned ourselves to glass the opposite side of the mountains we had tasted success on the night before. It had only been light for 30 minutes and we had already located 17 does and 12 Javelina. No bucks. We kept behind the glass and continued to search all the little finger ridges and hiding places below and in front of us. At about 7:30 AM, my brother informed us he had located two coues deer bucks. The bucks were way down low and only about 100 yards from the canyon bottom, but they were up and feeding in the sun. We grabbed our gear and headdd straight for the bucks running down the slow sloping ridge we were on. We stopped and I ranged the bucks. 778 yards. We kept moving. Range them again. 525 yards. We kept moving, dived into a small canyon to the east and started creeping up the little rise that would allow us to see the bucks. Again, the adrenaline was flowing and we had been moving quickly. I told Tanner to start taking some deep breaths and focus on making a good shot. I told him the bucks would be in shooting range. As we crawled over the rise we quickly located the bucks. The bucks knew something was up and started moving up the ridge at a quick walk. Tanner got down behind the gun and located the bucks. He said he was on the lead buck and ready to shoot. As soon as the buck stopped, Tanner let it rip and hit the buck. It looked like the hit was a little far buck and the buck worked his way up the ridge a little ways before stopping again. I told Tanner to take a breath and kill the buck. Tanner shot again and the buck whipped around to the right and crashed in a bush. He didnt move again. 448 yards. It was awesome! Redemption was definitely sweet and Tanner was so excited! We had a great time and it was cool to fill tags with both species of deer.
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    Grand Canyon/Kaibab Buffalo

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    A Walk In The Park!

    Love it! Thanks for sharing and congrats on a great bull!!!
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    Sent you a PM
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    Backup Bow Saves January

    Loved the write up and pictures! Congrats on an outstanding buck!
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    heart broken

    That looks great! Awesome idea too!