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  1. biglakejake

    What to do? Weather for 4a Youth Elk Hunt

    take rain ponchos and a come-a-long and go to it. people be picniking along the rim road. lee
  2. biglakejake

    where is this? easy one

    a place many know-Amanda knows it well-and a recurring 3am nightmare for me. blessed with each year past 16yo after a deer hunt gone wrong up there 1975. will never figure how we got out alive. lee
  3. prob just for future reference but i have never seen as many aberts as around the northernslopes of whiting knoll in unit 1. go git 'em boys-tree rat galore! lee ps all we ever found along the rim road was those nasty, loud little fox squirrels. don't even know if they are edible
  4. biglakejake

    Change in the weather for next week

    3 inches this morning in show low- and an incredibly heavy, wet snow to boot. it usually takes 12-14" to bust up the trees like the ones down this morning. lee
  5. biglakejake

    short clip of something i have not seen before.

    this blonde is a keeper. tak'o, pulpo or octopi-a favorite food for 30 years. missed out on visiting tuskiji, now i will have to settle for guadalcanal, tuscany and morocco if i win the lottery. lee
  6. biglakejake

    tuna time-easy limits.

    any more reports from our cozy little coues' crew?
  7. biglakejake


    wrong. this is all wrong. think i gotta get a dog instead.
  8. biglakejake

    Not your typical coues antler growth

    mule deer not coues. lee ps the other pic was offensive-i rather enjoyed my elk chili last evening and that made me feel bad
  9. biglakejake

    tuna time-easy limits.

  10. biglakejake

    Cubs fans!!

    cubs should win just 'cuz they held rockies scoreless for 11 innings. d! lee
  11. biglakejake

    What is the best Couse unit in AZ

    the san rafael valley in game management units 35a and 35b are the heart and soul of COUES white-tailed deer habitat in the grand canyon state. all surrounding units are top producers of trophy bucks but range extends as far north as apache maid mtn, chevelon crossing, knoll lake and blue, Arizona. kitt peak area in 36c has the most trophies bar none. lee
  12. biglakejake

    What is the best Couse unit in AZ

    somebody delete this shoot. lee
  13. biglakejake

    Pellet Stove vs Wood Stove

    it is a mistake for me to post here-i know that going in-but i am an idiot. after 20 years on the mountain at 6600ft i have used one, the other or both for over 8 months a year. i now believe a pellet stove is the most efficient, inexpensive and easiest to operate of all heating options. a 40lb bag of pellets makes about a double handful of fine ash that can be vacuumed within a half hour of operation, cost about $5. runs on the energy of 2 60watt lightbulbs even on deep cycle battery/inverter or the smallest generator at harbor freight. i'm on aps in show low and the only power outage of consequence was 5hours after the dec 7 2009 blizzard. you don't even have to leave the house to get pellets-order over the phone from lowes/hd and have a ton delivered to your driveway next day. did i mention i only have to vacuum ash 'bout once every two weeks? downside? well electronic component failure(igniter/fans/modules) can be pricey and field service exorbitant so you will want to buy them online and be your own service tech. i did it YOU CAN TOO! woodstoves...well a cord of oak/alligator goes for $250 on the deuce in show low in january so you will prob need to make your 5 cords during the summer. that will take a month out of fishing and scouting along with about $500 for fuel, permits, sawchains, oil, clothes and tire repair. and don't forget the $$$ keeping yur buds in beer and lunch when they 'help' you out. but you will lose 20lbs and can cancel your gym membership for a summer. you will find out who your real friends are. ash cleanup is filthy and time consuming and dangerous and don't forget having to sweep you chimney 2-3 times a year(a pellet stove you just tap the exhaust lightly with a broom handle every couple of months). a highlight of living on the mountain is seeing a garbage truck going down the hiway with a full load of garbage on fire. got meself in enough trouble, lee ps the forest energy pellet mill in show low that supplys hd and lowes are some of the best pellets in the milky way. going to stay that way-the gm is a good friend of mine.