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  1. Benbrown

    What's happening with this deer?

    Yep, the wildlife vets call them infectious fibropappilomas. They will eventually fall off and another deer may eat it and get infected, too, but the rabbits usually beat the deer to them and are considered to be the primary means of transmission. They are confined to the epidermis (skin), are harmless to humans, and will come off when the deer is skinned.
  2. I have shot more with a .270 than anything else. That said, my current Coues rifle is a custom .257 AI built on a Mexican Mauser action. As has been said, it's more important to have a rifle that you can carry and shoot accurately. My minimum caliber would be .243 Winchester, although I have friends that get their deer every year with a .223 of some persuasion. FWIW, I have never shot a Coues whitetail much beyond 200 yards, and most were about half that distance. YMMV.
  3. Benbrown

    Bill Quimby

    Read on another site that he had passed away. RIP old timer!
  4. Benbrown

    Fencing in Rock

    Rock drill. Most ag rental companies have them.
  5. Benbrown

    Borden actions?

    IME, they are one of the two or three best options for a custom hunting rifle. I have never been able to afford one. I have used three of his Rimrock stocks on customs and they were very well made and finished up nicely.
  6. Benbrown

    Coues shedding yet?

    I was out last week with my brother who was visiting from Texas. We saw about six bucks, and they were evenly split between shed and antlered
  7. In three radio tracking studies of white-tailed deer in south Texas, we found that deer treat darkness like cover. They move out to feed farther from cover on dark nights, and they remain in, or closer to, cover on bright moonlit nights. As long as they can smell and hear, they are not prone to move long distances away long from humans in the dark. On windy nights, though, they do tend to be a little more spooky.
  8. Benbrown

    What To Build

    Short action--6.5x284
  9. Benbrown

    PSA-Kinetic Bullet Pullers

    Recently, there was a thread about this on another forum, and it appears that it is not an extremely rare incident. A collet puller, used correctly, will not damage pulled bullets any more often than the impact pullers. Having made one visit to the walk-in clinic to have a primer cut out of my hand, I will stick with my RCBS collet puller. YMMV.
  10. Benbrown

    Pack snacks

    Snickers, jerky, and smoked oysters. It's a rare day that I don't consume all three.
  11. Benbrown


    PM Sent.
  12. Benbrown

    ISE Hunting expo

    Went a few years ago to man a display for one of my contractors. Waste of time, and the clerks at McDonalds swiped my credit card info. I was a little taken aback at how little of interest there was for people who actually hunt and fish.
  13. Benbrown

    Ziva, Red Doberman up-date

    She is a strikingly beautiful animal! I know little about Dobermans but it's unusual to see one that hasn't had the ears trimmed. Has that gone out of fashion (I hope)?
  14. Benbrown


    Yeah, that's what I do, too.
  15. Benbrown


    Probably will remove powder fouling, but not copper, and I wouldn't be all that sure about powder residue without some evidence based on a bore scope examination.