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  1. elkaholic

    Unit 8 hunting camp?

    Lots of camps around . May not have been hunters. But could have been
  2. elkaholic

    Unit 8 hunting camp?

    Anyone know who had the big camp at 108 and 42 rd. Several wall tents etc. Locals had to clean up ,what was discribed as piles of trash. They took pictures. These guys who took time out of their hunt to clean up the mess ,would like to know who to report, so this crap doesnt happen again.
  3. elkaholic

    How do you nuke an old salt lick?

    I like the Vaseline option -make it a hassle for him to get pics -- leave a polite note that you'll gladly share the spot if he returns your stolen camera kinda a who's gonna give up first --- one can be very stubborn when it comes to thieves
  4. elkaholic

    MVUM rant again... Still...

    THE SAME SITIATION WITH THE ' pending road closures" In tonto national forest- the people making the changes and decisions aren't even in this state - they are sitting around a table in NM looking at old out of date maps,!! TRUTH ! They have no clue and are getting information from rangers whom barely even know the area themselves-' tontos record for new people / rangers is every other yr , if they last that long.
  5. elkaholic

    Azgfd closed roads into my elk honey hole

    I'm thinking FS is trying to make an effort to close the roads that they haven't been enforcing. by placing new no motorized signs they have probable cause to come find you if they see new tracks down the road. plus several of the stakes have gone missing in past yrs. I'd bet if you had their road closed maps , you'd see your road has be closed for a while .! Others acccross the Coconino forest may find new signs/posts up in the middle of some of their rds too!
  6. elkaholic

    Center Point red / green multi reticle scope

    lol -- late as always-- if it falls thru I'm second - nice scope gotta pay attention more !
  7. elkaholic

    fooled ya

    gotta love this guy ! Not the end you expected- but wait I'll have a bigger set next year !
  8. elkaholic

    Beam Me Up Scotty

    the best ever-- gotta love --Are you smarter than a 5th grader Navel officer -teaches Anatomy at the Academy. 1st grade question -- How many sets of teeth does a person have in their lifetime-- 1--2--3 The Idiot says 1 cuz he knows it's not 3 not really a trick question-- everyone has a set of baby teeth and then an adult set -- unless you include a set of false teeth.
  9. elkaholic

    5b south

    JUst don't hunt the cedar flatlands and you should tag out toppin
  10. elkaholic

    Podcasts are ruining hunting areas

    Just about every unit runs the gauntlet of certain seasons having more hunters in someones secret spot. Even the chat ON HERE can raise an uproar about giving away "secret" spots. To be honest most don't know they are secrets A lot has with the draw also- seems like everytime I get drawn someones hunting my spot! makes you wonder how many others are giving away secrets - or am I the one hunting their secret spot!!?? The same people don't actually get drawn every yr. maybe this yrs group had your secret spot
  11. elkaholic

    5bsouth archery elk tag

    probably full of turkeys
  12. elkaholic

    For sale NIkon Monarch 10x42

    I call'm my truck bino's great glass at a super price- figured theyd be gone
  13. elkaholic

    Low life Camera thiefs

    I have no doubts that different areas accross unit 10 hold good numbers of elk. But just imagine 10 times that many! every time a cow is killed it basically reduces the herd by 3 so there goal is 500 a year - you do the math 1500 x10yrs. is 15000- and that's be very conservative- that's if they only take 500 out of the 1600 tags! some yrs the success rate was close to 60% I'm just saying we need to cut back on the number of cow tags- to sustain a better number of elk - in certain units sorry for kinda off topic of camera thieves but unit 10 hits home for me!
  14. .308 I will be updating the scope this yr. optics and a range finder are actually more important than caliper in my opinion cant see/m and know the distance - you won't tagg'm
  15. elkaholic

    Low life Camera thiefs

    Bingo we have a winner ----usually its 1600 in the general hunt this yr it total 1475 but then don't forget the youth tags 225, dtill equals 1600 anterless tags.... back father than 2004 when they had 1200 cow tags in 10. basically wiped out the big herds of elk - like I posted last yr . from my property I sat 3 days glassing 5-6 square miles of elk country west ashfork from my deck. During the sept rut hunt I saw I herd where 6 yrs ago i'd see several herds of 20-30 each evening and hear elk bugles get dozens of elk pics. biggest herd last yr 2 cows and a calf in 3 days of glassing using 30x80's in mid sept.-- they are gone forever unless gf get head out ace!! just checked my camera -- got 3 pics of 1 elk ---true its summer pics but they are gone