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  1. WHALE

    Cousins opening morning buck

    awesome job
  2. WHALE

    Forum software upgrade

  3. WHALE

    2A - trophy unit?

    I was out in 3B North on Friday and lost count about a dozen coyotes. I was looking at some good looking stuff and seen way more coyotes than antelope. Think I will take the rifle this weekend
  4. WHALE

    Whats the Worst Archery Antelope Hunt?

    thanks for the info
  5. WHALE

    Whats the Worst Archery Antelope Hunt?

    If I can kill a buck with a bow in 3b N, anyone can. Just don't get shot by a meth head first Boy I hope that's true I ain't no trophy hunter though I have covered a lot of country trying to find as many bucks as possible and I am only up to four different bucks
  6. WHALE

    Whats the Worst Archery Antelope Hunt?

    yes we did thanks for offering
  7. WHALE

    Whats the Worst Archery Antelope Hunt?

    Boy this thread sure makes me feel confident on my 3BN archery tag in two weeks.
  8. WHALE

    The Conclusion

    Awesome buck and story Great having these threads to read waiting for my hunt in 3 weeks
  9. might be on to something took my family 12 years to see our first now we have seen 5 in the last 3 years
  10. WHALE

    2018: What’s ur bull goal this year?

    I have always wanted a big 5x5 Would rather shoot a 320 5x5 than a 340 6x
  11. WHALE

    Results out on portal, post up your hunts

    The whales had the best draw ever. Early Muzzleloader bull archery antelpoe early archery bull 2 late rifle bull tags late rifle coues junior deer rifle muledeer Gonna be busy
  12. WHALE

    Any Muzzleloaders for sale?

    Thanks think we got one
  13. WHALE

    Home Depot worse service I’ve ever had

    I can have some brought up to Payson from the valley if that helps you. Pm me
  14. Any Muzzleloaders for sale?