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    Albino Deer

    That buck does not look albino or piebald Silentbutdeadly. Looks like camera flash to me. Mike

    Unit 23 Non-Burro Coues

    I can't believe you shot that little dink. I'd guess that little buck not even a year and 1/2 old. Poor little fawn....

    Walther P22

    I'll take it for that price Darryl!!! thx, Mike

    Coues deer life span

    Great info! Jason- This year I think he is a 125-130 class buck! Mike

    Coues deer life span

    Bill, I disagree that most coues deer die from predation. While coyote's play a huge role on coues fawns and sometimes the occasional adult, I don't believe they play a major role in the death of adult coues bucks. I've been doing the trail camera thing for over 10 years and I am still getting pictures of quite a few bucks that I've gotten pictures of previously. In the past 10 years I've also done a lot of shed hunting in these areas and have yet to find a coues kill....(in certain areas) Just my opinion. I also believe as you do Bill, that most harvested deer are going to be less than 5 1/2 years old. I think the best antelers come from 5-7 year old bucks. I've noticed after that 6th or 7th year usually some trash starts developing and some turn completely non-typical. Bucks become wiser year after year of being hunted and I believe the older bucks start to move less and less each day which makes them harder to be seen and harder to hunt. You are probably right about all the data being collected but again... certain areas hold medium to high lions and certain areas hold low to none. I'm guessing most of these surveys were done in areas with more lions. I would welcome Jim Hefflinger's input on this. I've read his book and it was excellent.

    Coues deer life span

    Interesting. The 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 might be the case in Mtn Lion infested canyons but I know for a fact that is not the norm. The only reason I would figure coues may live a little longer than their eastern relatives would be the milder winters? But I've done some research and haven't found any GOOD info on the average lifespan of a coues deer. Who knows, maybe even the bucks/does vary by several years? I know women are supposedly supposed to outlive men by 7 years.... not sure if that is fact or wisetell? Mike

    Coues deer life span

    I believe coues bucks live an average of 12-15 years when dying of old age. I think it also depends on where they live, winter conditions, rainfall, stress, etc. I have pics right now of a buck I believe to be well over 12 years old right now. I've gotten pics of him for many years. He lives in an area with very few lions. Mike

    What would you say this bull score's

    My guess would be about 340" as well. + or - 10 inches.

    2010 Coues/Muley hunt

    Sweet pics! Thats a pretty good chocolate bear! Mike

    Calling in the rut?

    I've done a lot of rattling and grunting during the january hunts here in AZ. I've only rattled one buck in...a spike and grunted in 6 or 7. If they are within hearing distance and the wind is right they will come in pretty darn quick!! The last buck I shot came in immediately to some grunting and came directly to my mock scrape. He was a 90" buck. Mike

    Interesting buck

    I'm just messing with you Jake! I've had moments where I confused the two and for all we know he may be a hybrid!! Take care brother! Mike

    Interesting buck

    That buck does not look anything like a whitetail. It's antlers alone look PURE carp. The body shape looks like a carp, the hind end is very obviously a carp. The face is even muley looking. Id recommend looking at the trail camera section and googling pictures of muleys and coues. Mike

    Interesting buck

    Very obviously a Carp to me as well.

    End of Story

    Beautiful bull Doug! Looks like he had him some good fights!! Thx for the story!

    Big Cat Track

    Thats the track of a Snow Leopard.